5 Ways To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Service

No matter how hard you try to keep your house clean, carpets always seem to remain dirty and somehow magically suck in the dirt. But they are not to blame, as living in a place like Singapore, where construction dust and pollution are common it’s only natural that the carpets get dirty very easily.

But beware, as unclean and stained carpets not only affect the aesthetics of your house but can also harbor dangerous parasites like fleas in them. Although it’s understandable that you’re busy most of the week on your work or career, it still doesn’t give an excuse to leave the carpets unclean.

So why not hire a carpet cleaning service and let them do the job for you. It’s much simpler and can actually save you a lot of money than hiring a full-time maid, who will still end up doing shabby work anyway. 

Now, carpet cleaning companies are quite numerous in Singapore and all of them will promise to offer you a comprehensive cleaning service; but do they actually? Well just follow the following fool-proof methods and find out yourself whether they are the right carpet cleaning companies that you should hire.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Perform a simple background check

With the internet just a click of a button away, you don’t need to hire special detectives to find out about the credibility of the company you’re thinking of hiring. Just read through the posts by previous clients of the company, it should give you a lot of idea on what to expect from them.

Always make sure that there will be no legal ramifications

Laws against hiring maids or any other cleaning service personnel who don’t have the proper working permit are pretty strict in Singapore. Even hiring personnel who are moonlighting without prior permission from their original employers can lead to serious legal consequences.

So always make sure the employees of the carpet cleaning company have a proper work permit before they begin work at your house. If not, even though you may not have anything to do with it, the Ministry of Manpower still has the right to charge you.

Test for credibility 

It is not uncommon for cleaning contractors to miss schedules or not offer what they had previously promised. Though nothing legally forces them to stick to what they had promised, you still can refuse to hire them if you don’t find their service convincing. So it’s always a good idea not to pay them upfront. Also you can get a clear idea of what you can expect just from their punctuality.

Make sure that their service comes with a cover

This should be quite apparent from reading testimonials from other clients of the company, but never hire a carpet cleaning service before you are completely sure of this. Only hire contractors who will take complete responsibility for the damages caused by their employees. Make the company agree on to this before you hire them.

Check whether they are actually capable

Doing a perfect job takes years of expertise and devotion. But that doesn’t mean you can never hire the new kid on the block. Just make sure the company you’re about to hire is actually capable of doing the job and check whether they have had any previous success. If not, don’t hesitate to reject their proposal. 

So just follow these steps before you choose the company and your carpets will stay new and clean forever. 

Carpet cleaning infographic
Carpet cleaning infographic
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