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    Most people living in Singapore are known for their classy lifestyle. Indeed, their HDB, Condo, Landed Properties & Offices are elegant, beautiful, and attractive to the eyes. 

    Nevertheless, the beauty of a home can only be achieved if its environment is cleaned regularly. Therefore, it is required that you practice home/office cleaning more frequently.

    However, most Singaporeans are professional, busy, and working-class people. Therefore, they have limited time allocated to cleaning. Some people might have enough time but do not have the right equipment and tools for cleaning.

    Equally, others find cleaning one of the tiresome chores; hence, they are reluctant to clean their houses or offices. Now, what is the ultimate solution to this cleaning challenge?

    If the above has been a concern, then worry no more; we will unveil some of the excellent solutions to the above challenge and why it is essential to maintain high standards of cleanliness in your house or office.

    Reasons why you need to keep your place clean

    As stated in the introductory section, cleaning your place of residence is paramount if you need to live a healthy life. In this regard, the following are some of the eminent reasons as to why you need to maintain cleanliness:

    · Regular cleaning helps to prevent pest and insect infestations. Nuisance pest such as cockroaches, mites, bedbugs, and so on drive well in a dirty environment

    · Cleaning your house and its facilities such as carpets, flooring, and so on helps to improve its aesthetic value. In addition, regular cleaning help to preserve your home’s materials, hence making them last longer

    · A clean house or environment is safe for children

    · A clean and organized office or home to make it easier to find your things

    · Regular cleaning helps to promote good health as well as better hygiene

    · Regular cleaning helps to eliminate harmful substances and dust in a dirty home

    · Cleanliness of home facilities such as carpets helps to eliminate bad odor and other allergens that can be a threat to people who have allergic conditions

    · A clean house/office is aesthetically pleasing

    · A clean home/office helps to reduce stress levels


    As stated in the previous sections, many people are faced with the challenge of cleaning their houses/homes. If you cannot do it yourself, the good news is that there’s someone who can do it on your behalf. Therefore, your task is to select one of the best cleaning company, and then hire them. Nevertheless, what are some of the factors to look for when selecting one of the best cleaning company in Singapore?

    Well, it is quite challenging to select the best cleaning company. This is because they are tens and hundreds of such companies offering similar services, each stating that it is able to offer better services than its counterpart. However, in order to minimize the hassle of selecting such companies, extensive research has been done for you, and the best company outlined. Without further ado, the company offering amazing best cleaning services is none other than Auntie Cleaner.

    Auntie Cleaner - House, Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Part Time Maid, Spring Cleaning Pricelist 2023

    Why use Auntie Cleaner as your cleaning company?

    Auntie Cleaner is of the few cleaning companies in Singapore that is quickly gaining fame concerning office or home cleaning. It offers a range of cleaning services, which include the following:

    • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping of floors
    • Cleaning of toilets
    • Ironing and folding of clothing
    • Cleaning of rooms and kitchen
    • Cleaning of grilles and window when needed
    • Emptying of rubbish
    • Wiping of stove areas
    • Spring cleaning
    • Contract cleaning
    • And many more


      There are several reasons as to why you need to hire Auntie Cleaner Company for cleaning services. These include the following:

      As a matter of fact, one of the things that you need to consider before hiring any cleaning company is of course its reputation. In most cases, you need to check on the company’s website and see the reviews from former users/customers. If they are positive, then be assured that you are going to get similar services, and the opposite is true. Now, concerning Auntie Cleaner Company, all former clients are fully satisfied with the perfect cleaning services they had received. Therefore, you are advised to choose and use their services as well.

      Green cleaning is one of the advancement in the cleaning industry. Another reason as to why you need to hire the above company is that they use green products when cleaning. These cleaning products make your environment have a natural feeling with less pollution.

      Nowadays, if you need to hire anyone to do some chores on your behalf, you need to confirm if they have necessary certifications. This is because; they are some illegal companies who operate with improper certification, hence, it is more likely that the services they would offer are below the standard. Nevertheless, the good news is that Auntie Cleaner is one of the most certified cleaning companies in Singapore. Therefore, you are advised to use its services any other time you are planning to hire a cleaning company.

      Some people may not consider hiring cleaning company because their rates are quite higher. However, the good news with the above company is that it offers its services at cheaper and affordable rates. Therefore, if you have limited finances, then welcome to Auntie Cleaner and let your house shine.

      Auntie Cleaner is a cleaning company is equipped with a team of qualified personnel and latest cleaning devices/equipment. This team of well trained personnel is able to tackle any kind of cleaning in your home/office. Therefore, if you are planning to hire a cleaning company, then consider the above company.


      If office/home cleaning has been a challenge to you, then you are advised to hire a reputed company to do it on your behalf. In this case, Auntie Cleaner is one of those few cleaning companies in Singapore that offers a state-of-the-heart cleaning services of any kind. Just give them a call and they will be at your residence shortly


      Cleanliness is an important part of our lives. In fact it is a basic necessity of every human beings as it keeps us healthy and also keeps us away from all the diseases that might affect our lives. To keep ourselves and our belongings clean require effort and time and nowadays when almost every person has a busy life of their own, it is hard to find the time to do that. This is where cleaning services comes to our help and as a residence of Singapore there is no better option for you than Auntie Cleaner.

      Why we should use Auntie Cleaner as our cleaning company? Well, the best reason will be because they are the number one cleaning company in all of Singapore. And if you are a citizen of Singapore then you are well aware of the law of cleaners. So it is necessary that you must hire a maid from a cleaning company not privately otherwise you might be fined by Ministry of man power. Anyway, Auntie Cleaner provide a wide variety of cleaning services that are second to none. All these services are available at different and affordable rates.

      • Auntie Cleaner provides a Part-time Maid service that you can avail yourself of whenever you like.
      • Part-time maid can be hired for all types of cleaning services that are required at home or even at your office.
      • You can hire a part time maid for as many hours a week as you like.
      • Every Part-time maid is available at the exact time as scheduled by you.
      • Part-time maids should be provided all the necessary equipment required for whatever cleaning needs to be done by you. If you need Auntie Cleaner to provide the equipment then it will cost you an extra $80 per set.
      • You can also hire multiple part-time maids at the same time if required.
      • If you are away at work and require someone to clean up your house for you in your absence then the company will provide you that service too.
      • Auntie Cleaner has trusted employees that ensure the safety of your belongings.
      • Part-time maids are available for as low as $388 for 4 hours a week (4 different sessions).
      • If you want this service twice a week then it will cost you $768 for 8 different sessions.
      • For thrice a week you’ll have to pay $1140 for 12 different cleaning sessions.
      • You can also add an additional hour for just $30.
      • And the best part of hiring a part-time maid from Auntie Cleaner is that the agent fee is $0. That’s right, we don’t have any agent or registration fee.

      Part-time maids are available for whatever cleaning service that you require. You can either supervise them yourself through cleaning instructions or you can just leave them on their own and let them do what they do best and how they do it. Some of the detailed services that part-time maids can provide you with are:|

      Kitchen Cleaning:
      • Kitchen is one of the (if not) dirtiest places we have in our homes. It demands attention almost every day as it is an important and most used area of the house.
      • Auntie Cleaner cleaning company has well-trained employees that can easily clean that up for you.
      • Whether it’s the kitchen floor or appliances such as ovens, dishwashers or stoves, etc. we can clean it all for you.

      Bathroom Cleaning:
      • Bathroom is probably that area which demands more cleaning than anywhere else.
      • It is also the area that you least want to clean up yourself.
      • The Part-time maids of Auntie Cleaner have your back on this one as well.
      • The maids are perfectly trained to clean your bathroom for you.

      Living room:
      • Living room cleaning is also provided
      • Our maids will clean and dust all the furniture in your living room and make sure the floor is mopped and the windows are crystal clear.
      • If you have carpets in your living room that needs to clean then we have special equipment just for this job.
      • We have a steam cleaning service that will make your carpets as new.
      • We’ll also clean the fireplace for you if you have it in your living room.

      • Auntie cleaner also provide office cleaning service to make your work place fresh and healthy.
      • Our part time maids are available for office cleaning on daily basis or for a few days a week as required.
      • They’ll make sure your meeting rooms, office desks, chairs, windows, glass doors or even washrooms are cleaned up.

      • Auntie Cleaner has made sure you get your spring cleaning service at best.
      • A onetime cleaning service that cleans your entire house accordingly.
      • Every area of your house will be washed with water to clean it up completely and this service is provided around spring there is no need to worry about wetness as the water will dry quickly.
      • Spring cleaning is very detailed cleaning of each and everything present at your house.
      • It includes steam cleaning of your sofas and carpets.
      • Detailed cleaning of your chimneys, fireplace and air vents.
      • All the woodwork is cleaned thoroughly with water and wiped.
      • Even the drainage pipes are cleaned.
      • Each and every inch of your house is detailed cleaned in spring cleaning service.

      Auntie Cleaner’s service provider guarantees you total satisfaction as it employs the use of advanced, high-performance machines for carpet cleaning which delve deep into floor coverings to purge embedded dirt particles that ordinary machines cannot reach. The outcome is a fresh and clean environment that is welcoming and appealing to your business clients. It gives you good value for money.


      Auntie Cleaner cleaning company is always there for you no matter what type of cleaning service is required by you. We are known for trustworthiness and reliable services all over Singapore and have been serving for a quite long time. Our cleaning services are regarded as the best and that is the sole reason for being the number one cleaning company in Singapore. You can avail our services anytime and anywhere in Singapore all you have to do is give us a call and we will be at your doorstep.


      A part-time maid only comes into your home on the agreed schedule, cleans for several hours, and leaves the premises. You only pay for the hours worked and you have the freedom to schedule their cleaning days when it is most convenient for you. Aside from regular house cleaning, you can also hire part-time cleaners for spring cleaning. This is a general cleaning that you need to be done every few months to get rid of things you do not need or to prepare your house for important occasions. Most often, spring cleaning is needed when a family is about to move into a new home or if a homeowner needs to make his house very presentable for a sale.

      The easiest way to hire a part-time maid is through cleaning companies. Cleaning companies in Singapore employ locals and permanent residents who they can assign to clients based on needs and requirements. You can find cleaning companies by making a quick search online. As a client, however, you should be careful with whom to deal with to avoid legal problems or poor service.

      Compliance to Local Law

      Singapore is very strict when it comes to hiring maids with no working permits. Even if a maid carries a permit, make sure it indicates the cleaning company as her employer. If she is privately employed by another family, then it is illegal for her to work for other employers. However, some cleaning companies hire them for the profit they get from them. If caught, even you can be fined by the Ministry of Manpower.

      Commitment to Contract

      A good cleaning company will meet the contract you have agreed upon. If you require a part time maid three times a week, then you should expect to get that service. If you asked for 3 persons to do the spring cleaning, then they should provide them to you on the date required. This will prevent any hassles on your part especially if you badly needed the cleaning done on a certain day.

      Responsibility Over Employees

      The good thing with cleaning companies is they take responsibility over any wrongdoings of their cleaners, which is why they see to it that they check on the backgrounds of their employees to keep the good reputation of their company. A reliable company will give you peace of mind.

      Capacity to Do the Job

      Great cleaning companies give their employees the proper training on cleaning techniques. Not only will this ensure that your house is clean, it will also prevent damages caused by incorrect cleaning methods. This will ensure that you get the best service for what you have paid for.

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