Can You Use Vinegar For Carpet Cleaning?

Can you use vinegar for carpet cleaning? That is the question many Singaporean are asking. Vinegar or white vinegar is an eco-friendly cure for carpet stains and cleaning. Whether it a pet stain, red wine, chocolate, or pasta sauce, vinegar works well on these stains. It is also an overall carpet cleaner. It is natural, safe, and cheap as well.

However, you should use it in proper ratio with water. Use it in a proper method to avoid ruining your carpet.

Is it really good for carpet cleaning?

Vinegar is very good in eliminating odors and stains from rugs, fabric upholstery, carpets, and air. Spray the carpet with a solution of water and vinegar in equal parts. Spray until the carpet fibers dampen. Let it air dry.

What is the right ratio of water and vinegar?

Mixing vinegar solution for carpet cleaning
Mixing vinegar solution for carpet cleaning

For removing stains- make a solution with vinegar-one part and lukewarm water-two parts. Pour this solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution over the impacted area. Let it remain for some time. Blot the area with a lint-free, clean white rag.

For stubborn stains, spraying the liquid won’t be sufficient. You can double the portion of vinegar in the solution for tough stains. Pour a substantial amount of liquid on the white rag; let it sit for some time. Then use it to blot the stained spot. Wipe the stain from outside to center.

Repeat the procedure until the stain vanishes. Any stains like tea, pet stains, ink, and coffee can be eliminated with this solution. It is best to test a smaller area before its use for any impact on the carpet color.

As a stain scrub- if a stain needs some work, combine vinegar and salt or cornstarch in equal parts to make a paste. Do not scrub rashly. Instead, leave the paste overnight and vacuum the next day. After this, spray a solution of vinegar and water in equal parts. Taking a white rag, blot the area after half an hour.

As an overall carpet cleaner-make a cleaning solution by mixing vinegar-one part and hot water- two parts and pour it in the liquid reservoir of your liquid-based vacuum. More proportion of vinegar can make your room smell weird but it also eliminates odors quickly. Add in a couple of drops of aromatic essential oil like citrus to mask the vinegar smell. Clean thoroughly.

Can your carpet ruin with vinegar?

Vinegar, when used in proper ratio and in an appropriate technique, can avoid discoloration and ruining of carpet fibers. It is better to blot the stain rather than rubbing the stain. This is because the stain can spread over, and matters can worsen. Also, when you are cleaning the stain, clean from outside in to avoid the spread.

How to clean the carpet using a vinegar solution?

Vinegar cleaning solution

Cleaning the carpet with a vinegar solution is one of the methods for green cleaning. A vinegar solution is no doubt a working solution for cleaning carpets and stains on them. Using the solution right is an essential part of the cleaning process. For the cleaning process, you will need a vinegar solution, a couple of old towels for cleaning, and a spray bottle. Make a vinegar solution with half water and half vinegar mixed well.

Follow the below steps to right carpet cleaning with vinegar solution:

  • For stains, get to work as soon as the stain occurs. It could be from chocolate stain to coffee stain, work on it as quickly as possible. This is because the longer the stain sits, tougher it would be to get it out. Work while the stain is wet.
  • Place a towel over the stain spill firmly. Make use of your palm end or fingertips to blot the spilled liquid. Remember not to rub the spill and spread the liquid into the carpet area. Only blot the area.
  • Soak all the spilled liquid by blotting the area with a towel. After this, spray the vinegar solution liberally on the stain on the mist setting. Let it sit for about 5 -10 minutes. This is to let the vinegar soak into the stain. When the vinegar soaks, it begins its work. Use a clean towel to soak the solution.
  • If you feel you have to rub to clean the stain, do it very gently. This is how you can give a deep carpet clean.
Spot cleaning carpet with vinegar
Spot cleaning carpet with vinegar


Vinegar is a very good for carpet cleaning that you can add to your list. However, it has to be used in appropriate ratios and employed in a suitable method. Using the above proportions of vinegar-water and following the steps, you can get a clean and an odorless carpet.

Carpet cleaning infographic
Carpet cleaning infographic
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