Can Maids Work Part-Time in Singapore? (Updated)

Can a full-time maid work a part-time job legally in Singapore? The answer is pretty simple. You cannot hire a part-time maid on your own because the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore strictly prohibits the process of hiring part-time maids.

If you hire an illegal part-time maid, you will end up facing a lot of complications. It does not matter how good the quality of service the offer is because it is completely illegal. 

As a house owner, you will place yourself at risk of facing heavy penalties, and the maid will also have to pay a fine. The law for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore says that the maid should work for the same employer who has applied for his/her work permit, and the worker has no right to perform any part-time jobs.

All these aspects will be clearly stated on the work permit of the maids.

All these rules have been introduced with the good intention of preventing unwanted complications. Allowing maids to work for multiple employers can lead to inadequate rest or exploitation by employers. The employer will not be having any responsibility for the well-being of the maid.

On the other hand, employers’ safety and security will always be in danger when they hire an illegal part-time maid. 

Irrespective of all these rules and regulations, some people still hire part-time illegal maids to avert the obligations imposed by the law. It can be said without any doubt that they are flirting with danger because they always stand in with a chance of facing a fine up or imprisonment.


Taken from the MOM website:

Employment rules for foreign domestic workers

A foreign domestic worker (FDW)’s deployment must comply with Work Permit conditions. As an employer, you will be penalized if you illegally deploy her to work for someone else or perform non-domestic chores.


  • Requires a valid Work Permit.
  • Can only work for her employer.
  • Can only perform domestic chores.
  • Can only work at the residential address stated in the Work Permit.
  • Cannot take on any part-time work.

You can place your FDW at another address during the daytime only if it is to take care of your young children or elderly parents.


For illegally deploying an FDW, the penalty is a fine of up to $10,000. Convicted employers may also be banned from employing FDWs.

For employing an FDW without a valid Work Permit, the penalty is a fine between $5,000 and $30,000, or imprisonment for up to 1 year, or both. For subsequent convictions, offenders face mandatory imprisonment.

Ministry of Manpower


Some people might not be interested in hiring a full-time maid because there will not be too much cleaning work available at their homes. But in the case of some other people, they may not be able to afford a full-time maid.

What is the best solution available? Hiring registered and accredited house cleaning companies will serve the purpose in the best possible manner. Responsible and reliable cleaning companies will always follow the rules and regulations.

They will send employees who are properly licensed and insured to safeguard the customers’ interests with great efficiency. You can ask the company to show you the maid’s work permit, and such a method of approach will make sure that the violation of the law does not exist.

Professional house cleaning companies will always conduct a background check of the maids to ensure their customers’ safety, and you should also understand that it is illegal to hire foreign freelance part-time maids for your cleaning requirements.

A good number of maids offer their services without showing any work permit, and those people who hire the services of these part-time illegal maids will invite all types of complications in the future. There is no doubt that your full-time maids cannot legally work part-time in Singapore, and you need to hire top-quality house cleaning companies to find a solution to your cleaning requirements.

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