Why Choose Auntie Cleaner As Your Office Carpet Cleaning Company?

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From coffee spills to employees and clients tracking their footprints into the office from out in the yard, your office carpet can take somewhat a beating in just a couple of months.

Certainly, any conventional brush or rag used along with office cleansing products could clean a few stains here and there, however comprehensive and safe sanitary calls for the work of a professional office carpet cleaning service provider.

Owing to the current economic outlook, consider Auntie Cleaner as your carpet cleaning service as an alternative to replacing your carpet. It’s within your means and the carpet looks spick and span when done. And wouldn’t like to get quality services at affordable costs these days?

Keeping carpets sparkling clean, fresh, and disinfected in an office setting is a huge task, to say the least. However, with the help of a carpet cleaning service like Auntie Cleaner, the cleaning process is carried out swiftly and thoroughly.

But what can Auntie cleaner offer that is different from what other carpet cleaning services offer?

Specialization: The Company specializes in all types of carpet cleaning services ranging from office to household carpeting. The employees have undergone training and have bags of experience using several reputed cleaning machines, have knowledge of cleaning different stains, blemishes, and deep-rooted blots.

Moreover, they are conversant with the right cleansing agents to use on specific stains. The knowledge on cleaning all kinds of stains and filth areas using different cleaning methods such as carpet bonneting, dry cleaning and hot water extraction is invaluable.

Licensed and Insured: Singapore has strict regulations with regards to hiring service providers who do not have valid work licenses. All employees of Auntie Cleaner have valid work permits indicating their employer and acts as their first identification when assigned to perform your office carpet cleaning.

The company is licensed by the relevant bodies and conforms to the local law set out by the Ministry of Manpower governing the hiring of cleaners. Auntie Cleaner takes full responsibility for any wrongdoing done by its cleaning agents while cleaning your office carpet. That is why they hire cleaning agents with a good background for purposes of protecting their good reputation.

Obligation to Contract: Before hiring a carpet cleaning service, conventional wisdom dictates that you must first agree on a service contract that includes the terms and conditions signed by both parties.

You can trust Auntie Cleaner to honor its part in the signed agreement. In case you asked for 2 carpet cleaning agents to clean your office carpet come springtime, you can rest easy knowing the company will assign them to you on that specific date.

As a result, you can steer clear of any hassles particularly if you desperately needed the cleaning agents to handle the cleaning work on a specific day.

Quality workmanship: A good carpet cleaning service looks out for the best interest of all its clients. Auntie Cleaner’s service provider guarantees you total satisfaction as it employs the use of advanced, high-performance machines that delve deep into floor coverings to purge embedded dirt particles that ordinary machines cannot reach.

The outcome is a fresh and clean environment that is welcoming and appealing to your business clients. It gives you good value for money.

Carpet cleaning infographic
Carpet cleaning infographic
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