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    Welcome to Auntie Cleaner! With over a decade of cleaning expertise, we are Singapore’s foremost provider of comprehensive and top-notch cleaning services. We aim to make your home and office a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for you and your loved ones. We are here to meet all your cleaning needs, from part-time maid services, office cleaning, spring cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more!

    Auntie Cleaner - Your Trusted Cleaning Services Partner in Singapore

    Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Needs

    At Auntie Cleaner, we offer a broad range of services tailored to suit every need. Our professional cleaners are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to handle all types of cleaning tasks.

    Part-Time Maid Services

    Our part-time maid services are designed for those who need regular help with household chores but do not require a full-time maid. Our maids are well-trained, dependable, and ready to take over your routine household tasks so you can focus on what matters most.

    Spring Cleaning Services

    Revitalize your home with our spring cleaning services. We deep clean your home, removing dust, dirt, and grime that has accumulated over time, leaving your home fresh and sparkling.

    Office Cleaning Services

    A clean office creates a conducive work environment. Our office cleaning services ensure that your workspaces are clean, tidy, and hygienic, helping to increase productivity and make a great impression.

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    We offer professional carpet cleaning services that remove dirt, stains, and allergens, leaving your carpets clean, fresh, and prolonging their lifespan.

    Disinfection Service

    In this new normal, it’s crucial to ensure that your spaces are clean and germ-free. Our disinfection service uses approved methods and solutions to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, providing a safer environment for everyone.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service is thorough and reliable, ensuring that your property is pristine and ready for the next tenant. From the kitchen to the bathroom, living spaces to bedrooms, we tackle all areas with attention to detail, leaving the property spotless and appealing. Whether you’re a landlord preparing for new tenants or a tenant aiming to secure your deposit, our end of tenancy cleaning service is a smart choice.

    Mattress Cleaning Services

    Our mattress cleaning services are designed to remove dust mites, allergens, and odors, providing you with a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

    Post Renovation Cleaning

    After a renovation, you need a thorough cleanup to remove dust and debris. Our post-renovation cleaning service ensures your newly renovated space is clean, safe, and ready to enjoy.

    Move Out Cleaning

    Moving out can be stressful, but cleaning doesn’t have to be. Our move out cleaning service takes care of all the cleaning tasks, so you can focus on your move.

    Auntie Cleaner - House, Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Part Time Maid, Spring Cleaning Pricelist 2023

    Why use Auntie Cleaner as your cleaning company?

    Service Description
    Part-Time Maid Regular cleaning assistance on a part-time basis. Services include dusting, sweeping, mopping, and more.
    Spring Cleaning Comprehensive deep cleaning service for your entire home, ensuring every nook and corner is spotless.
    Office Cleaning Professional cleaning of office spaces to maintain a tidy, hygienic, and productive work environment.
    Carpet Cleaning Advanced cleaning of carpets using eco-friendly solutions to eliminate dirt, allergens, and bacteria.
    Disinfection Service Thorough disinfection service to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, crucial for maintaining a safe living and workspace.
    Mattress Cleaning Specialised cleaning service to remove dust mites, allergens, and odors from your mattress, providing a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
    Post Renovation Cleaning Thorough cleanup service post-renovation, ensuring your newly renovated space is free from dust and debris and ready to enjoy.
    Move Out Cleaning Comprehensive cleaning service to take care of all cleaning tasks during a move, allowing you to focus on the moving process.
    End of Tenancy Cleaning Detailed cleaning service to ensure your property is in the best possible condition at the end of a tenancy agreement.

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    Auntie Cleaner Testimonial

    Auntie Cleaner Testimonial


    Frequently Asked Questions About Auntie Cleaner Services

    1. What services does Auntie Cleaner provide?

    Auntie Cleaner is a comprehensive cleaning service provider in Singapore, offering a range of services to cater to the varying needs of our customers. Our key services include Part Time Maid Service, Office Cleaning, Spring Cleaning Service, and End of Tenancy Cleaning.

    2. What does the Part Time Maid service include?

    Our Part Time Maid service is designed to provide regular cleaning and maintenance for your home. This includes common tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and general tidying up. Our maids are meticulously trained to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness.

    3. How can Auntie Cleaner help with Office Cleaning?

    Auntie Cleaner offers professional Office Cleaning services that can be tailored to the specific needs of your workspace. We cover everything from general cleaning and waste removal to deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery, sanitization of common areas, and window cleaning. Our goal is to create a clean and healthy work environment for your staff.

    4. What is involved in your Spring Cleaning Service?

    Spring Cleaning Service at Auntie Cleaner is a deep cleaning process that targets every nook and cranny of your home. This service is perfect for a thorough cleanup at any time of the year. We clean under furniture, inside cupboards and wardrobes, windows, kitchen appliances, and more. We also offer specialized services such as carpet cleaning and disinfection as part of our Spring Cleaning Service.

    5. What should I expect from the End of Tenancy Cleaning service?

    Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service is designed to ensure that your rented property is left in pristine condition once your lease is over. We cover all areas of the property, including kitchen appliances, bathrooms, floors, and walls. We ensure every surface is cleaned and sanitized, ready for the next tenant.

    6. Why choose Auntie Cleaner for my cleaning needs?

    At Auntie Cleaner, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach. All our services are flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs. We ensure all our staff are trained and equipped with the right tools to deliver an exceptional cleaning service every time.

    7. How can I book a service with Auntie Cleaner?

    Booking a service with Auntie Cleaner is easy. Simply visit our website and fill out our online booking form, or give us a call to discuss your cleaning needs. We are committed to providing prompt and reliable service, so you can expect a quick response from our team.

    Auntie Cleaner Services

    Auntie Cleaner Services

    Contact us now! Quote AUNTIE10 for $10 off first time customer!

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