5 Ways You Can Spring Clean Your House Like A Professional (Updated)

Spring cleaning is not something that should be done only in the spring; in fact, it should be carried out at any time of the year. While this can be very satisfying, most people do not get their house clean as they would want to without the help of spring cleaning professionals.

While professionals do a perfect job, sometimes they can be very costly. The following are some of the major five ways you can spring clean your house like a professional.

Work Down
Always start at the top level of your house and work downwards. A mistake people when spring cleaning is attempting to do the whole house in one go. Remember that you are only human and therefore it important that you pace yourself by cleaning your house one room at a time.

Begin with the upstairs rooms working way down. In this way, you will be cleaning rooms with less traffic first and generally, such rooms won’t require much time, other than good dusting and thorough vacuum cleaning. Do not forget to open all the windows so as to speed up the drying process.

Wall cleaning
Wall cleaning

Walls and Curtain
Although walls may not appear dirty, it is worth noting that they collect too much dirt and dust. Therefore, it is healthy to wash them once a year with a wet sponge. A sponge allows you to reach higher spots. Divide the walls units and clean them from top to the bottom. Additionally, do not forget your curtains.

Flooring Deep Clean
It is important that you give your carpet a deep clean at least once a year. If you can’t do it yourself, rent a carpet cleaning machine or hire a carpet cleaning professionals. For quality floor finishing, it is advisable to use a combination of wash and wax floor cleaner.

Using a floor cleaner that gives a clean and a shine at the same time gives your floor a brand new look that will last for longer periods of time. Loose upholstery covers should also be cleaned and placed back on the furniture while still to reshape them.

Clean the floor
Clean the floor

Thwart Parasites
Clean the inside of wardrobes and drawers and then wipe the insides with cedarwood oil. Additionally, wash your clothing at the highest temperatures possible in order to kill any thwart parasites such as moths.

Brighten up
Turn off the lights and remove their globes, shades and bulbs. Wash the removable parts using dish soap and wipe the fixed parts with a damp cloth.

Freshen Your Beddings

Flip your mattress at least every three months and switch head and foot as well. This helps in maintaining the shape of your mattress. Plus, vacuum the mattresses on a low setting and launder all the pillows, duvets, and quilts.

Both synthetic and natural fibers can be washed; however, you may need to plan a visit to the Laundromat for big washing machines.

The above five ways to spring clean your house like a professional will work well if you have a good plan. Before beginning your spring cleaning takes time to plan your work well.

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