What is Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning Services & Pre/Post Moving Cleaning Service

Looking for spring cleaning services in Singapore? What exactly is spring cleaning? It means getting your environment nice, organized, and cleaned. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to clear out, make way, and clean up for a brand new look environment. With our working hectic schedules, we always have this issue cleaning & maintaining our house. Spend quality time with the family & friends and leave your mundane and tiring chores to us! Auntie Cleaner offers you an affordable solution with experienced and trustworthy local or PR cleaners to assist you in regular household cleaning. We provide quality spring cleaning service for all clients. We understand that the home environment is essential where we want a relaxing & comfortable place to be in. Not only must it be clean, but it should also be healthy and safe for our loved ones.

Pre/Post moving cleaning OR Post-renovation cleaning 

This is suitable for owners to get their area professionally sanitized and cleaned as dust or debris is accumulated over time. Before handing over or allowing other viewers to view your area. The benefits of spring cleaning are self-evident. Once spring cleaning is done, you will have a cleaner & healthier home and you will not have to further clean for a short period of time. You will be able to free your mind and not worry about the house! Spring cleaning will reduce the percentage to suffer any sickness in your newly-sterilized environment.

Clean house, clean family

Spring cleaning is a big project that has a big payoff. Leave all your hard work for us. Reward yourself by spending quality time with your loved ones. It is a perfect time to clear out, make way, and clean up for a brand new look environment. As tough as it is to admit, junk complicates our lives. After clearing your old stuff, you may want to consider donating to charity. Many believe that spring cleaning can also add to your home’s value, nobody wishes to buy an unmaintained home. We provide high efficient, professional, and thorough spring cleaning service. We deliver beyond your expectation, allowing you to get the best value. Our cleaning services include weekly cleaning, spring cleaning and etc. We are your one-stop home services provider providing spring cleaning service, part-time maid, carpet cleaning, disinfection service, and office cleaning services. Our spring cleaning service usually ranges between 4-8 hours to complete, this varies depending on the size & the condition of your area. All our cleaners are consistent, efficient, effective, and thorough. We DO NOT provide any cleaning materials as we are unsure which chemicals will cause health problems to your loved ones. We strive to provide top-quality cleaning services at an affordable price for all, with our reliable and experienced team, you can be assured of a cleaner and healthier environment.

Why Hiring a Cleaner Is Good For Your Family

The average person spends more time at work than at home. Most people are not as tidy as they would like to be and sometimes they leave things out for a while, like clothing and dishes.

If the little things aren’t getting done it is probably true that the big things are being left out as well. Everyone deserves a good deep clean to get the fresh clean smell back into the home.

The floors need more than a once over and the counters could use more than a wipe down, but the truth is, you want it done, you just don’t have the time. Let Auntie Cleaner do the work for you and you can spend your time on the things that really matter, family.

5 reasons why you need a maid in your life

  • More time for family
  • Feel comfortable in your home
  • Having guests over scares you
  • Weekends are for playing not cleaning
  • Relaxing is better than vacuuming

Why spend all of your free time cleanings?

You are really investing in your self-preservation and having a stress-free lifestyle. Imagine waking up on a Saturday and not dreading the first load of laundry, getting out the broom, and telling the kids to pick up their floor so you can run the vacuum.

Let everyone relax, wake up, and go out because the house is already clean!! Thanks to Auntie Cleaner you can get out of the house and have some family fun and not worry about a mess.

It would be nice to bring the family together, go out on the weekends and visit a park or invite some friends over without having to make sure the house doesn’t look lived in!

People spend a lot of time making sure that their homes look magazine perfect and forget that this is a home that is meant to be lived in and will have life in it, we cannot possibly be tidy all of the time, we could all use a little help.

Kick your feet up and relax once in and while, most working people are over-stressed and with children, work and housework it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Why are the kids cleaning every weekend?

Parents and children need quality time together to enjoy one another, too often we find ourselves getting upset at the little things like messes because we simply don’t want to spend our time cleaning up all day long.

Kids are used to cleaning all week long with their chores, and they need a break as well, there are studies that children have too many tasks and not enough downtime that is leading to their studies falling short. Let the kids have fun with you and make some memories.

Try having a maid service once a month to come out and do all of the dirty work so you don’t have to. Your family will be grateful for the help. A good deep cleaning will last for a long time and you will just need to maintain the cleaning until the next service.

Ways To Enjoy Your Home

  • Host a movie night
  • Build a fort
  • Family Dinner Night

When you don’t have the stress of cleaning all of the time because of Auntie Cleaner you can spend time looking for ways to spend your time with family and friends. You can get to know each other again.

Start planning time to spend enjoying your home and loving it, it is a place for comfort, rest, and relaxation.

Your home, your friends, and your family will love the feeling your house will have and you know that you have a trustworthy, competitively priced company that you will come to love paving the way to a brighter and cleaner future for all.

Which Plan should I pick?

Picking a plan is based on a few things:

  • How big your home is
  • How many people live in the home
  • How often do you need cleaning

You will need to have the basics to begin picking out a plan that is suitable for you and the service and then add to the plan if need be.

Your plan can be as little as once per week to 3 times per week depending on what you will need.

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