7 Window Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

What are the top 7 window cleaning mistakes to avoid? People usually do not care much about cleaning the windows of their home very frequently. If you do not want to hire a professional cleaning service for this purpose, you will have to improve your habits. Some of the most common window cleaning mistakes usually committed by people are briefly discussed hereunder for your consideration.

Use of newspaper or rough paper

Cleaning the window with newspaper
Cleaning the window with newspaper

Newspapers are used for long for cleaning windows more effectively. But, according to cleaning experts, newspapers are not suitable for this purpose as they can smudge the frames of the windows due to the chemicals found in their ink as well as paper. So you should avoid using newspapers to clean your windows as the chemicals in them can be harmful to it in the long run. Instead of a newspaper, you should use a cloth with soft fibers for this purpose.

Ignore the use of the right tools

Window cleaning tools
Window cleaning tools

Traditionally, people used to use rough paper and rags to clean the windows instead of an appropriate tool. Today you can find various tools to improve your experience of window cleaning. A squeegee, buckets, a scrapper, and a mop are some of the necessary cleaning tools you can use for this purpose.

The permanent marks of dirt on your window can be scraped away with the help of a scraper. You can scrub your window lightly with the help of a squeegee, and a mop can be used to remove the water after completing the scrubbing. However, after completing the window cleaning task, you will have to maintain these tools carefully and store them correctly so that you can find them in good condition next time.

Use of wrong procedures

The process of cleaning windows is effortless if used in a stepwise manner. Before starting the window cleaning process, you should collect all the tools required for this purpose, like a mop, a window cleaning solution, a squeegee, a dry cloth with soft fibers and a scrapper, etc.

To follow the right window cleaning method, you should start by applying the cleaning solution on the surfaces of the window and allow it to stay there for some time. Then it would help if you took the wet mop to scrub the window surfaces gently to remove the permanent stains of dirt on them.

You can avoid scratching your window surface by using the scraper lightly. You can collect the water on the window surfaces by pulling the squeegee horizontally and vertically on them. Finally, you can use the dry cloth to dry the frames of the window.

Cleaning supplies
Cleaning supplies

Avoid cleaning the interior of the window

Most people focus more on cleaning the exterior surfaces of the windows as they may collect more dirt than its interior. But when you scrutinize its interior, then you will find it grimier than its exterior. It receives more dust due to touching it more frequently. So while cleaning the windows of your house, you should also wash their interiors by using the same procedure.

Cleaning on a sunny day

People usually choose sunny days to clean windows, but actually, it is a misconception. Often, a cloudy day is preferred by the professional cleaners instead of a sunny day for cleaning windows. The main reason behind it is that the solution used to clean windows can dry very quickly when applied to them on a sunny day. Instead of cleaning the windows, it will make them smudger and dirtier.

Ignore safety measures

While cleaning windows in a multi-story building, you will have to use various safety measures. Some of the safety measures can be the use of ladder pads as they are essential to ensure safety while cleaning windows by using a ladder. Along with wearing the footwear of the right type, the cleaner should also have someone to hold the ladder firmly.

Use of chemical-based window cleaning solutions

To complete the job of window cleaning, many people use chemical-based solutions. But in the long run, they can be harmful not only for the windows’ frames but also for you and your family. So to take care of your windows and the environment, you should use homemade solutions to clean windows.

Thus, it would help if you avoided some of the most common window cleaning mistakes discussed in this write-up while cleaning your house’s windows.

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