Why You Should Not Hire Freelance Part Time Maid

Why You Should Not Hire Freelance Part Time Maid? – Singapore is a developed country which has attracted several immigrants. Therefore, life here can be very hectic especially if you are trying to meet busy schedules. On the other hand, there are many freelance part-time maid who seeks job diligently and this can be tempting to most house owners. After all, they provide cheap labor and you might not even require to host them because once that complete the assigned task they will leave. However, hiring a freelance part-time maid can land you in problems that you might live to regret. Read on and find out.

Why You Should Not Hire Freelance Part Time Maid – It is illegal

I understand that most people might not be acquainted with the law. The MOM (Ministry of Manpower) condemns hiring a freelance part-time maid because it is against the law. The law doesn’t allow you to employ part-time domestic work, especially who have not been granted work permit. You risk attracting huge fines and penalties. Foreign domestic workers department requires you to make an application for a full-time domestic worker who is fully licensed. Contrary to this might land you in the courtroom and you will be charged. When such happens you lose reputation because the law will be hard against you.

Inexperienced Part Time Maid
Inexperienced Part Time Maid

Most of them are inexperienced

If you thought hiring a freelance part-time maid will be an ultimate solution to your household chores you are wrong. Some of these maids are self-proclaimed with no experience. All they need is money. Therefore, when you hire them, they might tamper with your house because they are not conversant on how to use equipment and detergents. They may not clean your house well or some of them might injure themselves which will cost you more than you expected. You can’t determine someone experience by word of mouth. It only by looking at valid documents and recommendations from reputable agencies. That is why it is advisable to hire someone who has all the legal documents and has experience.

Why You Should Not Hire Freelance Part Time Maid – They can’t be trusted

There is a belief that most of these freelance part-time maid are fraudsters who are disguising themselves as a household maid. I know you might not believe this until you come back from work only to find an empty room with all your valuables gone! Never trust these maids because there is no legal documentation that you can make follow-up in case you notice something fishy. Besides, you are predisposing your family members to security risks.

Unreliable part time maid

They are unreliable

It is essential to know those freelance part-time maids will not be there for you every other time that you need them. They are unpredictable since they go around looking for work from one house to another. When your house is dirty and you are having a busy schedule they might not be there to do the cleaning. Therefore, to save yourself from such inconveniences desist from hiring them because you will only be wasting your money.

You need to hire someone who will be working in the house full-time. In case there are any spillages on the carpets they can attend to it. You might not get along with them since they might not understand what kind of service you want. Besides if they disappear how will you request for a replacement.


It is now clear that hiring a freelance part-time maid is not an option. I usually recommend that you go to a professional part-time maid. Everything has been made convenient by the agencies which are offering these services. All you need to do is to research on reputable part time maid agencies which are trustworthy and reputable. Once you have identified one, you can find out their terms of service and if you are comfortable with it you can give them the mandate to do the cleaning.

Therefore, never be lured to hire a freelance part-time maid because as you have seen there is nothing good from it. You will be only allowing yourself to fall into a circus of problems which will cost you dearly.

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