6 Reasons To Stay Away From Freelance Part-Time Maid (Updated)

Thinking of hiring a freelance part-time maid in Singapore? Though hiring a freelance, part-time maid in Singapore is becoming popular these days, there are many benefits and drawbacks related to this trend, which are discussed briefly in this article.

Reasons to stay away 

Illegal in Singapore: Hiring a freelance, part-time maid in Singapore is illegal and, according to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower laws, prohibits you from hiring the services. If you hire someone illegally, you may face the consequences. You may have to pay heavy penalties for hiring a freelance maid part-time.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore has specific regulations for hiring part-time domestic helpers or maids. Adhering to these rules is important for both the employer and the domestic helper to ensure a fair and safe working environment.


Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Eligibility: As per MOM rules, part-time domestic helpers must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents. Foreign domestic workers are not allowed to work part-time unless they have a valid work permit.
  2. Work Permit: Foreign domestic helpers must have a valid work permit sponsored by their employer. It’s illegal to hire a foreign domestic helper who is in Singapore on a tourist visa or social visit pass.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Employers must purchase personal accident insurance and medical insurance for their domestic helpers.

Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW)

Abiding by the Work Permit regulatory conditions is a must when employing a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW). Employers who fail to comply, for instance, by illicitly assigning their MDW to work at an undeclared residential address or engage in non-domestic duties, will face penalties.

A domestic helper must:

  1. Possess a valid Work Permit.
  2. Only carry out duties for her employer at the residential address officially registered with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
  3. Be restricted to performing domestic chores.
  4. Not be permitted to seek or undertake work with any other employers.
Part time maid
Part time maid

Lack of work experience: Most of the women working as a freelance maid in Singapore are not as efficient in performing her duties as you expect from them. Part-time employment without a permit is illegal in Singapore.

Most part-time maids who have no household work experience usually work illegally even though some job provider company in Singapore. You should check her permit and work experience before hiring one.

Non-availability for the whole day: This reason for staying away from a freelance maid in Singapore is taken differently by different people. Some take it as a disadvantage, whereas others may find it beneficial.

The non-availability of a part-time maid allows you to spend more time with your family with complete privacy, but her absence may also obstruct many of your works, which needs her help to be completed.

Part Time Cleaner
Part Time Cleaner

Non-adjustment problem: It takes time to get adjusted with freelance, part-time maid in Singapore as they come to their work for a short time. As a house owner, you may not establish intimate relations with her within that time slot; your maid usually remains busy performing her duties.

Unreliable assistant: Though you get freedom from the hassles of arranging space for your full-time maid to stay in and freelance, a part-time maid provides you privacy when she is not at your home, but you may not rely on her as she may perform her duties effectively or not.

Thus it would help if you stayed away from a freelance, part-time maid in Singapore for these reasons.

Comparison PointsFreelance Illegal Part-Time MaidsLegal Part-Time Maids (Agency)
LegalityHiring freelance illegal part-time maids is against Singapore’s law and could lead to penalties for both the employer and the worker.Engaging a legal part-time maid from a recognized agency is fully compliant with Singapore’s law.
Work PermitIllegal part-time maids usually do not possess a valid work permit.Legal part-time maids are provided with a valid work permit by their agency.
AccountabilityThere’s little to no accountability as these workers are not bound by any formal contract.Agencies hold accountability for the maids they provide. Any issues can be addressed directly with the agency.
TrainingTheir level of professional training can vary significantly, and there’s no assurance of their skills or experience.Maids from legal agencies undergo professional training to ensure they meet certain standards.
InsuranceThere’s generally no insurance coverage, which could lead to liability issues in case of accidents or damages.Legal agencies typically provide insurance coverage for their maids, safeguarding employers from potential liabilities.
ScreeningThere’s no guarantee of the maid’s background or character as they are not formally screened.Legal agencies perform background checks and screenings to ensure the reliability of their workers.
Freelance Illegal Part-Time Maids VS Legal Part-Time Maids (Agency)

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