What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Office Cleaning? (Updated)

What are the best-kept secrets about office cleaning? One usually spends 40 hours or more in the office for a week. As a result, this makes an office becomes a second home. As a result, an office should be kept clean, not just for the smooth running of the business, but also for promoting one’s overall health.

Most offices have carpet that quickly makes think the floor is clean just by merely hovering it. Get help from a professional cleaning company that has a good reputation in office cleaning. What most people don’t know is that good office cleaning improves the productivity of all employees.

A clean and tidy office also enhances creativity and focuses because employees are not distracted by things like dust layers and crumbs on keyboards. When everything is kept sanitized within the office, health is improved. You won’t find stuff like bugs crawling in from bin into your food.

We all know that maintaining a firm’s image is very vital. It is always good to keep a copy of effectiveness and efficiency. A clean office maintains the right model for your business. 

Before we focus on the best secrets about office cleaning, it is essential to look at some of the surprising office germs havens.

Office Door Frame

Cleaning door frame and handle
Cleaning door frame and handle

It is quite evident that the door handles and knobs usually act as germs magnets, but what about the door frame? Try and think of the many people who typically pop into an office and stand along with the doorway. These people normally or run their hands along edges. As a result, the door frame can serve as a hidden germ zone. During an office cleaning, it is always essential to ensure that door frames are disinfected.

Computer Mouse and Keyboard

How dirty can a computer mouse and keyboard get? These are considered to be one of the worst germ offenders within an office. People rarely clean the mouse and keyboard, and it is quite rare for the cleaning crew to get this level of detail. Always try and make a point of cleaning your mouse and keyboard through the use of a disinfectant when your computer is turned off.

Disinfecting computer mouse
Disinfecting computer mouse and keyboard

Conference Room

Think about the chain of events that generally take place within a standard conference room. This can range from a breakfast meeting, a staff briefing to even a creative brainstorming session. Conference room tables must get wiped in between these sessions.

Office Fridge

Office refrigerators can get out of control if not carefully monitored. Office refrigerators can cause a health hazard if not well maintained. They are said to be the number of causes of food poisoning. You can highly avoid refrigerator induced office drama introducing an office-wide toss day.

Office Phone

Cleaning office phone
Cleaning office phone

Do you remember the last time you had your office cleaned? If not, then it means your phone is due for a scrub. If you do share a phone, take a pause form reading this article and wipe it this second. Phones are said to be a vector for bacteria transmission. Now that we have looked at the various places that germs do hide in an office let us now focus on some of the best secrets associated with office cleaning.

Secret Number 1

To achieve the highest level of cleanliness, always disinfect every work surface area by using alcohol and microfiber cloths. Ensure that you rub the computer tower, door frames, fax machines, phones, and anything else that is usually frequently touched.

You can always substitute alcohol with any other form of reliable disinfectant. There are also quite a several special wipes made for electronics like keyboards and phones. You might want to consider investing in this.

Office computer cleaning
Office computer cleaning

Secret Number 2

Always limit the number of personal items you have on the desk. Of course, it is a great idea to have pictures and various plants adorning your desk. However, the more questions you do have on your desk, the higher the possibility of creating a clustered office.

Other clusters make it difficult to spread out your work. Always ensure that you put away things that you don’t frequently use e.g., business cards, new calendars, and paper clips. Try and relegate another location for these items.

Secret Number 3

It might be a great idea to keep hand sanitizers right at your desk. This might come in handy at some point. When you find your desk area to be dirty or when you need to wipe off germs form your phone.

Keep hand sanitizers right at your desk
Keep hand sanitizers right at your desk

Secret Number 4

When cleaning, don’t just focus on the general cleaning areas like the floor and windows. Try and also focus on the germ haven areas, which included; the fridge, mouse and keyboard, phones, and door frames. Ensure that these areas are cleaned regularly and not just once after a gazillion years.

Secret Number 5

Invest in office cleaning. This can be done by hiring a cleaning service to do the job for you. It might be hard to maintain details when it comes to office cleaning. Therefore it might be a good idea to hire a cleaning service agency.

Keeping a super clean office may seem like a waste of money and resources. However, maintaining a super clean has its benefit, and this cannot be ignored. Try and remember this every time you’re tempted with the idea of not cleaning the office.

Curb Appeal: 

Most customers have no desire at all to come into an environment that looks unappealing. As we all know, it is the nature of human beings to judge a book by its cover. If a customer walks in and sees an unclean space, he or she is likely to believe that they will not be taken care of properly. First impressions are quite famous in the world we are living in today.

Office cleaning and sanitizing
Office cleaning and sanitizing


An environment that is characterized by dust, dirt, and bacteria can significantly affect the health of those living in it. It’s usually better to standoff on the safe side by keeping the environment clean.

Ownership Pride: 

Regardless of whether an office is being owned or leased, business people always like to take pride in what they do. Pride of ownership can be encouraged through the outwards appearance of an organization.

Infographic - Office Cleaning Checklist
Infographic – Office Cleaning Checklist
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