How Much Does Office Cleaning Service Cost in Singapore? (2023 Rates)

Looking for an office cleaning service in Singapore? Want to know how much office cleaning service costs? Most Singaporeans spend more than 6 – 9 hours in the office every day. They expect their office to be hygienic and clean but have little time to contribute to activities that are not a part of their job profile. Business owners must understand that they must keep the office environment clean, safe, and germ-free

If employees are unable to contribute, they must hire a professional to keep the office clean. A hygienic and safe working environment is essential to improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. Keeping the office clean also gives the impression that it is well run. Hiring a professional cleaning company may be a small addition to your monthly expenses, but it is worth spending your money on.

Office Cleaning Cost Singapore

Types of Cleaning Services

There are several types of services offered by office cleaning service companies in Singapore. These services include one-time spring cleaning and regular weekly cleaning. They also help you hire office cleaners. An office cleaner will charge hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly salaries depending on the work scope. If you hire a cleaning company for weekly cleaning, they will clean your office for a fixed number of hours every week.

Scope of Work

Weekly cleaning service will usually include mopping, dusting, and vacuuming. Some of the items that will be a part of their scope of work include:

i) Wiping all the chairs, tables, windows, cabinets, and office phone

ii) Emptying all the office wastepaper basket

iii) Vacuuming the office carpet

iv) Clearing and cleaning the pantry area.

v) Cleaning the window grilles, curtains, windows, and blinds

vi) Cleaning the toilet and floor

vii) General cleaning of all the rooms

viii) Clean the glass panels and door

Office cleaning in progress
Office cleaning in progress

How Much Does Office Cleaning Service Cost?

If you opt for regular weekly cleaning, the cleaner will visit your office every week to do the cleaning. The duration of the cleaning session will vary depending on the scope of work and the area to be cleaned. The cost of once-a-week office cleaning in Singapore will be about $475-$950 per 4 or 8 sessions for 4 hours each time and will cost $430 – $855 for 3 hours and 4 – 8 sessions of cleaning.

The cleaner will make sure the office is clean before leaving the office; even if it means exceeding the set of several hours of service. Some companies avoid hiring office cleaning service companies because they believe that they overcharge. If you hire a freelancer, they will charge you about $90 for each session but you will need to check if the freelancer cleaner is legal to work and also is properly insured.

Some companies prefer getting the office cleaned twice or even thrice a week. To fulfill this need of companies, professional cleaners offer to clean the office premises more than once a week. They will clean the office twice or thrice a week for an additional fee. 

Onetime spring cleaning is more time-consuming when compared to weekly cleaning. If the cleaning company takes 3 to 4 hours for weekly cleaning, it may take up to 6 hours for spring cleaning. Most cleaning companies will charge you about $200-$250 for a 4 – 5-hour spring-cleaning session. 

Office cleaning supplies
Office cleaning supplies

If you don’t plan to use the cleaning company’s weekly cleaning service, you could hire an office cleaner to clean your office on a daily or weekly basis. The advantage of hiring an office cleaner is that you fix the cleaning schedule without any problem. The office cleaner will follow the program and will clean the office every week,

in addition to routine cleaning. This way, in addition to regular cleaning, you can get your office thoroughly cleaned each week by hiring an office cleaner. The salary of the office cleaner will depend on the scope of work and the frequency of visits.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners

If you have the option to choose between in-house cleaning and hiring commercial cleaners, you must select an option that offers maximum benefit.

Here are some advantages of hiring professional cleaners:

a) In-house cleaning is more expensive when compared to commercial cleaning services. In a study, it was found that in-house cleaning is nearly 25 percent more costly than contracting to a professional cleaning firm.

Commercial cleaning service
Commercial cleaning service

b) Most cleaning service companies offer tailor-made solutions to fit your requirements. This includes working within your limited budget and offering attractive cleaning options.

c) Keeping your highly paid staff away from cleaning duty will reduce distractions and improve productivity. It also reduces employee stress and attrition rate.

d) Most in-house employees are not professionally trained to disinfect all office areas, like restrooms and lavatories. Since contracted cleaners are professionally trained, they provide guaranteed hygiene and cleanliness.

e) The risk of on-the-job injury or accidents increases when employees handle hazardous chemicals. Also, lifting heavy objects or climbing a ladder to reach a high surface can increase the risk of injury. You can reduce these risks by hiring a professional cleaning company.

f) Since professional cleaners bring their equipment and fluids, you don’t have to store them in your office. This will reduce the risk associated with the storage of these items.

g) Professional cleaning service companies have access to the latest technology that is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Also, they have access to expensive tools and supplies that are required to keep your office clean.

Wiping office cabinet
Wiping office cabinet

Whom should you hire?

If you have to choose between a cleaning service company and a freelancer, it is in your interest to choose a cleaning service, as they offer more value for your money. They offer several advantages over freelancers while charging the same fee for their services. 

The most significant advantage of hiring a cleaning service company is that they have a team of trained cleaners and professionals. Since these cleaners are professionally trained, they know how to take care of expensive office furniture and equipment. 

Another advantage that cleaning service companies have over freelancers is that they offer customized office cleaning solutions. They can work with your busy schedule and provide their services at your convenience. Also, these companies do a background check on their employees before they hire them. If you hire freelancers, you may find it difficult to check their background if you hire a freelancer who is not trained, the risk of damage to the property increases. 

With a professional cleaning company, you always have peace of mind that their cleaner is trained. They will handle the office equipment and furniture with care and will not damage your property. Call us today if you are looking for a reliable office cleaning service in Singapore. Phone: +65 8609 3601

Office cleaning checklist infographic
Office cleaning checklist infographic
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