What Are The Best Disinfectant For Home? (Updated)

What Are The Best Disinfectant For Home – There are many ways on how you can eliminate germs and bacteria from your house. One of them is the use of disinfectants.

However, for a product to qualify as a disinfectant, it must contain ingredients that have been tested in a certified laboratory and found to kill different kinds of viruses such as parasites, fungi, and bacteria.

Many disinfectant products are available as liquids, so you can dilute or apply them directly on the surfaces. Below are some of the best disinfectants you can use in your home.

1) Water and soap

What Are The Best Disinfectant For Home

If you are not dealing with heavy-duty stains or germs then you can use water and soap in cleaning your house. Soap is able to offer lather which can mix with water and oil such that it suspends and attracts dirt for you to remove it easily.

Therefore, if you wish to clean your countertops, floors and other surfaces in your house then hot and soapy water can be the best solution you can use.

2) Chlorine

What Are The Best Disinfectant For Home

Chlorine is also one of the best disinfectants for your home since it can destroy viruses and bacteria on surfaces. You can dilute about one-third of chlorine bleach with one gallon of water to use it as a disinfectant on all hard surfaces.

You can either sponge or spray this solution on non-porous and hard surfaces. You must allow it to remain on the surface for about 10 minutes before you clean it. However, you should not mix chlorine bleach with other cleaners since it can lead to toxic fumes.

3) Lemon juice

What Are The Best Disinfectant For Home

In case your house has alkaline stains such as soap scum then you can remove them using lemon juice. Lemon juice has citric acid which is able to break down any annoying scum on the floor surface.

You can also use lemon juice in shining up your copper pans such that they will be good looking. In addition, this juice is able to disinfect and sanitize non-porous surfaces and also reduce bacteria on hard surfaces.

The good thing about using lemon juice as a disinfectant is that it has a better smell compared to vinegar.

4) Hydrogen peroxide

Maybe at one point in your life you may have used hydrogen peroxide in cleaning out a cut before bandaging it. However, do you know that you can still use it as a disinfectant in your home? This chemical compound is able to remove stains in both clothes and carpets.

If you use it with vinegar it can assist you to remove scum from your tiles and tubs. The good thing with hydrogen period is that you will neither be required to dilute it with water nor does it have a strong scent like vinegar.

You can also use it in whitening your teeth and washing other items that you may have in your home.

5) Vinegar

Vinegar is a very powerful cleaning solution that you can use in your house. This is because despite it having a strong scent it is an all-natural disinfectant that you can use in cleaning your house.

You can use it in killing mold due to its anti-microbial features. Vinegar can also be used in cleaning stainless steel and glass items without leaving any streaks. If you have some nasty mold in your sinks and toilet then this is the best cleaning solution that you can use.

It is also a safe solution that you can use in washing your fresh produce.

6) Phenols

Phenolic disinfectants are able to skill viruses and bacteria on both non-porous and hard surfaces.

It is good that you choose a phenolic disinfectant which is liquid form so that you can dilute it water for easy use in on your countertops, floors and other surfaces when cleaning your house.

7) Formaldehyde

Formalin is a water-based solution of formaldehyde which is usually in disinfecting and sterilizing commercial buildings such as hospitals since it is able to kill both bacteria and viruses.

Although, formaldehyde is very effective in killing pathogen its fumes may be toxic therefore you should only direct it to the place you wish to clean.

What Are The Best Disinfectant For Home – Conclusion

Through the above guide, you will understand some of the best disinfectants you can use when cleaning your house. You must choose the one that can meet your needs and preferences.

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