8 Places You Probably Missed When Cleaning

8 Places You Probably Missed When Cleaning – A clean environment comes with the cost of knowing what to clean and when to do your cleaning. From dusting your doormats, mopping your floors, and cleaning your window panes, all of this will contribute to healthier living. The clean living environment prevents the spread of contagious diseases. With all the cleaning, most places tend to be left out both intentionally and unintentionally. Such spots and places gather dirt with time and become so hard to clean afterward. Here are some of the 8 Places You Probably Missed When Cleaning.

Washing machine


The washing machine quickly accumulates a whole lot of mildew, mold, and dirt, which would result in its poor performance in washing your laundry. The accumulation of rust is a result of minerals that deposits in the washing machine and dirt usually caught in the drain. White vinegar helps break the mineral deposits when ran through the washing machine’s warm cycle. For dust, a solution of vinegar and a clean piece of cloth cleans all the corners effectively. It’s a necessity to empty your lint trap with every use.

Sink and tub drains


Apart from unclogging your sink and tub drains, it’s crucial to clean down their ducts. Unclogging your sink and tub drains usually entails removing leftovers of food in case of sinks and leftover bath salts and soaps in case of tubs. A combination of table salt, baking soda, and boiled water, when poured down the sink and tub drains keeps them flowing freely. They keep your pipes clean and fresh.

Garbage cans


Garbage cans play a crucial role in collecting all the trash and dirt from your home. The garbage cans usually collect dirt, food, and dust on its lid and around its rim. Cleaning the garbage can entails using a toilet brush and disinfectant to scrub them clean. A spray of water rinses the garbage can clean, followed by air-drying the garbage cans. Cleaning plays a vital role in getting rid of bad odor and ensuring clean and fresh garbage cans.

Vacuum cleaner


After vacuuming your couch, carpet, and rugs, dirt accumulates inside your vacuum cleaner. The best way to go with while cleaning your vacuum cleaner entails wiping and removing the leftover dirt sitting on the beater bar and the canister. More natural vacuum cleaning involves the careful removal of every part of the vacuum apart. Although it’s not an easy cleaning task, it usually pays off by ensuring your vacuum cleaner works efficiently.

Door knobs, door handles, and light switches


Door knobs handle, and switches are the commonly touched surfaces of your house. They, therefore, collect dirt and from our hands that accumulate on these areas hence require cleaning just like other house surfaces and spots. Microfiber cloths and paper towels wipe your doorknobs, handles, and light switch clean by spraying sanitizers and disinfectants on them.

The refrigerator


The refrigerator is such a significant kitchen appliance that not only takes up space but requires crucial cleaning. The cleaning ranges from under, above, inside, and above the refrigerator. The fridge coils usually located on the back of the fridge get clogged with dust and dirt. For cleaning the loop, the use of coil cleaning brushes that fits into tight areas is crucial. Microfiber cloths and disinfectants wipe the inside and above the refrigerator clean. A clogged fridge affects the release of heat that affects the functioning of your refrigerator.

Cleaning supplies


Cleaning supplies require often cleaning just like we use them to clean our homes. Such cleaning supplies range from washing clothes, sponges, toilet brushes, among others. Just like our homes, they accumulate dirt and dust and hence, require cleaning as often as their use. Cleaning our cleaning supplies ensures they offer the best services of providing a spotlessly clean home.



Washing and cleaning our bed sheet is not it, pillows and our mattress usually get forgotten, and like most places, they accumulate dirt and dust. Cleaning your mattress is not an easy task but is essential in maintaining your hygiene. Baking soda sprinkled on the bedding for thirty minutes helps absorb bad odors and vacuuming helps to collect dust and dirt from your mattress. Washing machines wash the pillow clean and dry hence removing bacteria and odor. Bedding cleaning helps ensure a clean and fresh sleeping environment.

8 Places You Probably Missed When Cleaning – Summary

As observed, cleaning comes with a lot of health benefits that ensure your household lives in a healthy cleaning environment. Sometimes people forget to clean hidden places where pathogens, bacteria, and germs might thrive. It’s, therefore, necessary to check and clean all the areas mentioned above and also to ensure there’s no place left unturned. Sometimes you might even get busy with your job and have no time to attend your cleaning duties. In such a scenario, you can always seek cleaning assistance from professional cleaners near you.

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