Tips On Cleaning Office Pantry

Tips On Cleaning Office Pantry – We all know that an office pantry witnesses more gathering than other parts of a workplace. Employees sit and relax and share their views. They spend their free time in the office pantry. Currently, offices have some entertainment and playing set up in their pantry.

Employees enjoy their snacks and entertain themselves with some of their favorite games and music. The gathering and other arrangements create a preferable environment for viruses and bacteria growth. Also, an office pantry stocks food items, drinks, dispensers, and many other things.

A pantry is a place where food is prepared, served, and stored. All these things make the environment messy. You might have noticed that your Singapore office looks a bit dirty. It is not about Singapore only. All the office environments are the same. A pantry is one of the direst places in an office.

Without regular cleaning, an office pantry can be an ideal space to transmit diseases and viruses.

You do not need a lot of cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of your office pantry. Some careful considerations can help in cleaning the office pantry. Here are a few things that you can consider for office pantry cleaning.

Remove the Clutter

Tips On Cleaning Office Pantry

Yes, you will have to remove the clutter. The office pantry might have some unused kitchenware and cups. Also, check the expiry of snacks. Collect all disposable items and throw them in the trash. However, if some kitchenware and other items are in good condition, you can donate them to a charity.

After removing all those unwanted stuff, the pantry will look a bit organized.

Organize Your Office Pantry

After removing all the unessential items, you will have to reorganize everything. Create separate areas for different types of snacks. Ensure that all the snacks are easily accessible.

Also, arrange cups, drink sachets, and other things. If required, you can use plastic containers to keep snacks. Apart from that, use separate bins for the general waste and recyclable waste. Hang signboards to guide people to maintain the cleanliness in the pantry.

Address the Laying Food Fast

In an office pantry, wasting food is common. Many people leave the food on the pantry table. However, these foods can attract ants, rats, flies, and cockroaches. All these are the sources of the infection. First of all, hang a signboard requesting employees not to waste food.

Request them to reseal half-eaten packets. Also, you will have to clean the food crumbs after use. When it comes to accidental spills, you can address them fast. Otherwise, they will cause stains and might require more effort for cleaning.

Maintain Bins

Tips On Cleaning Office Pantry

You will have to maintain your office hygiene. Every office pantry will have bins. However, a few of them ignore regular cleaning. Make sure that office bins are not overflowing. Also, your employees can conveniently use them. They should not touch office bins to open and keep snacks and other stuff.

They should activate them without touching. If they can do so, they can easily use pantry bins whenever needed.

Use Right Cleaning Supplies

For cleaning the office pantry, you will need proper cleaning supplies. It might not be easy for your pantry staff to maintain cleanliness without having sufficient cleaning supplies. You might need different types of cleaning supplies to clean the pantry area.

You will need a large dishrags supply every day. Also, you will have to sanitize the panty every alternative week. Make sure that the pantry staff has access to clean towels and cloth. In addition to the above, you will need a proper cleaner for dishwashing.

Get Required Cleaning Equipment

Tips On Cleaning Office Pantry

You need to focus on the daily cleaning. However, you can consider a proper cleaning every weekend. The pantry is the most accessed area in an office. We can say that it can be a source of the infection without regular maintenance. Therefore, you will have to focus on mopping every weekend.

For this, you will need a few cleaning tools that include a broom, mop, rag, and cleaning solution.

Tips On Cleaning Office PantryConclusion

Tips On Cleaning Office Pantry

A clean pantry can create a positive working environment. However, a dirty and poor-maintained pantry will impact the health of employees. By following the above tips, you can make your office pantry clean and well-organized. Instead of focusing on weekly or monthly cleaning, you will have to consider daily cleaning.

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