5 Reasons Why a Dirty Office Will Make You Unproductive

Want to know why a dirty office will make you unproductive? Just like a home, keeping your office clean and healthy is of utmost importance. A messy and untidy workplace can impact negatively on the productivity of employees.

A dirty office can demotivate employees from performing their duties diligently, and the impact of this is low production.

A messy working environment is as a result of employer reluctance to hire an in-house cleaning staff or commercial cleaning service to tackle the cleaning job. It can also occur if the cleaning staff are not punctual enough. This will not only impact negatively on your office from within but also from outside.

Cleaning office laptop
Cleaning office laptop

With that said, why does an untidy office impact negatively on production? What effects does it have on an employee (s)? Here are reasons why a dirty office will make you unproductive.

An untidy workplace will make you look unprofessional. Therefore, it will be unappealing for clients and possible business partners to work with you.

Employees will not take their jobs seriously because they’re not comfortable. A dirty office will increase the chances of germs and viruses spreading all over.

Failure to keep your office clean will lead to a messy environment. This will translate to an unhealthy environment for you and your staff.


Motivation is a volatile thing. It’s not easy to get, but easy to lose. If your employees are already motivated, they will likely lose motivation if the workplace becomes dirty and messy. A disorganized and unclean office can make it challenging for the workers to discharge their duties, thereby making them unproductive.

Office impressions can either motivate or demotivate a worker, and this will a huge impact on production. Keep your office clean, motivate your employees, and this will boost their productivity.

Office cleaning in progress
Office cleaning in progress

Similar to motivation, the focus is easy to lose. With many distractions at the workplace, you may find it hard to focus on your job.

Employees are more likely to draw their focus on the mess instead of their work. With a dirty office, the possibilities of getting the best out of your workers regarding production are limited. Keeping your office clean and de-cluttering it often is one of the things you can do to draw the workers’ attention to their respective jobs.


Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance if you’re to improve work quality and maintain work motivation. An untidy and messy workplace is the main cause of employee dissatisfaction at work as it compromises how they perform their duties.

With that said, a dirty and cluttered office makes employees unhappy. Here the solution is to keep the office clean, and the employees will get comfortable in executing their roles.

Employee getting rashes from dirty office
Employee getting rashes from dirty office

A dirty office prompts the spread of viruses and diseases to the employees. Once an employee contracts a disease, he or she will initiate the process of seeking medical treatment, meaning he will not report to work. An untidy environment will make workers get ill from time to time, thereby making them unproductive.

Here the solution to combat absenteeism among your employees is to clean your office often.


Besides work, workers can be upset by the external factors reducing their productivity levels.

At times work can be stressful, and having a dirty and messy office will certainly worsen the situation.

A dirty environment makes it hard for workers to balance the stress resulting from outside and performing their duties diligently. Here the secret is to keep your office clean so that workers will have a better chance to overwhelm stress caused by external factors.


A dirty office messes up everything, and workers usually have a hard time to get the work done. However, workers are not bothered by office issues that are not within their scope.

An untidy and unhealthy environment in the workplace is unappealing to potential clients and unattractive to the overall look. At the same time, it impairs the work-life of workers. This demotivates them when it comes to executing their mandate, thereby making them less efficient.

From the above, it is evident that a dirty office can make an employee(s) unproductive. Such a workplace demotivates, distracts, and reduces employees’ efficiency, thereby decreasing production. An untidy office is also an epicenter for diseases, which further intensifies the rate of absenteeism among the workers reducing production.

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