The Do’s & Don’t On Office Cleaning (Updated)

What are the do’s & don’t on office cleaning? A person who lives in Singapore spends more than 40 hours of time in his workplace. The work pressure sometimes makes them messy at the office premises.

But nobody wants to get stuck under piles of papers. There are obviously some do’s & don’t on office cleaning to maintain the cleanliness in the office. We often do various things which are against the workplace etiquettes and we should stop doing them immediately for the sake of our image. Therefore, a messy office can harm its brand image as the people of Singapore love the clean environment.

That is why we made a list of Do’s and Don’ts of the office cleaning procedures. If you wish to have a clean office, then go through this piece of the article below. These tips will surely help you to maintain cleanliness in your office premises. 

1. The Desk clutter

Desk clutter
Desk clutter

Piles of papers and documents are the first hurdle in the way of office cleanliness. Those papers are always on your desk, shelves, and floors. All of them are not necessary, but they get piled up every day.

• Do: You can set up a system folder where you can place all your necessary papers. Always tag them and make this tendency a daily habit. Throw all the unnecessary papers in the wastebasket. Place a wastebasket right beside your chair. 

• Don’t: Never throw files here and there. If you are done with a paper document, then place this on a cabinet. If you ever feel a paper is unnecessary, don’t throw this on the office floor. It makes the workplace dirty and untidy.

2. Eating while working:

Dirty office spread germs
Dirty office spread germs

A person is working on the computer and all his goods are spread over his desk and keyboard. This particular situation is very common in the workplace when employees indulge in eating whilst working. The old stain on the keyboard or the smelly desk is just not acceptable. Your boss would be pleased after seeing this hard work, but your colleagues will start complaining.

• Do: Eating on the office desk is unhealthy and can cause various diseases. There is a lunch break in every office. Use the break and complete your eating in the canteen. It will not only be hygienic for your health, but will also help you to keep your desk clean. If your table is dirty, then wipe the desk and computers with a wipe cloth daily.

• Don’t: Never eat foods at the desk. Complete your lunch at the designated area. If your desk is smelly and computers are stinky, then stop eating lunch there. Show your hard work in a more different way because eating and working can never go in the same way.

3. The electronic items

Cleaning computer
Cleaning computer

If your computer, printer or other electronic items are filled with dust, then it can stop working in no time. These are the properties of your company and it is your duty to maintain the cleanliness of that machinery. 

• Do: You have to clean those electronic gadgets once a week. You should start with the keyboard. A special type of wiping cloth is available in the market which can wash the keyboard easily. To clean the PC monitor, take help of the microfiber cloth. They won’t scratch the monitor. Always clean your office telephone using cleaning sprays. Wipe the dial off with a damp cotton ball to keep it free from dust and dirt.

• Don’t: As we have already mentioned that one should not eat at his desk at the office. Never leave your PC or printer uncovered before departing. Your cleaning should be done with a damp cloth. One should never clean the electronic gadgets using any rough or dry material. Never clean CDs or DVDs in a circular motion as it can put scratches on them.

4. Everything has its own place

Keeping office clean and tidy
Keeping office clean and tidy

The solution for cleaning your workplace trouble-free is to place all the stuff in its equitable position. It’s not only about office desks, but we throw away numerous useful things. We can’t find them at the time of need. They are scattered all over the office premises and make the workplace untidy.

• Do: Build some shelves and label them with a name. Keep all your necessary equipment there at the right place. Always keep some empty shelves to place the new items.

• Don’t: If you are done with a stapler, don’t throw this away. Remember that you are going to need this after a while. You might face a little problem at the starting point. But if you make this a habit, then it can help you to keep the office premises clean and tidy. 

5. Dirty toilets

Cleaning The Toilet
Cleaning The Toilet

When you are spending half of your day at the office, you should have a clean toilet. Most of the offices have dirty restrooms and toilets. A disinfected restroom is a must for every workplace. 

• Do: If you want to maintain a clean toilet in the office, then you have to perform these steps. Your office cleaner should scrub and sweep the floors. Toilet tissue papers should be replaced every day. The commode lid and the outer area should be washed using soap dispensers. All office toilets must have room fresheners as well.

• Don’t: Never leave the bathroom without flushing. The commode seats should never be left wet. This is against the rule of office etiquette. You should never try to flush plastic items as they can clog up the water flow.

Office cleaning service
Office cleaning service

Look through the eyes of your customers as the first impression is always the last impression. No customer will love to come to an untidy office. Leaving your office as messy and dirty can prove to be your own loss. Always make sure the public area of your office is clean and presentable. As a result, you require putting lots of attention into presenting a place which represents the image of your business.

These are the basic do’s and Don’ts of office cleaning. These processes are easy to maintain and need as little time as possible. But if you are extremely busy and have no time to indulge in this quick cleaning process, then you can take the help of professional office cleaning companies.

They are experts in this work and can clean your office perfectly. Their price range is also very affordable and they are easily available on the internet these days. But cleanliness in the office is really important as a clean environment provides mental satisfaction and gives the energy to work in a better way.

Infographic - Office Cleaning Checklist
Infographic – Office Cleaning Checklist
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