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Looking for an office cleaning service? As we spend about half of our day in the office. Basically, everyone is busy in the office but at the same time, everyone would like to work in a clean & healthy office. Providing a safe, clean, germ-free, and high-quality environment is essential for everyone working in the office.

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Maximizing the productivity & efficiency of your workforce is important; one of the ways that can help is to have a well-maintained, neat, and clean office that is highly conducive for working. Keeping the office clean, gives the impression that the office is well run. It allows your employees to concentrate better and prevents them to fall sick easily. This will improve indoor air circulation and the environment. Healthy employees work better in the office, due to better attendance & fewer sick days.

Auntie Cleaning is your ideal choice to keep the office clean for businesses. Our service is your affordable solution at a reasonable price to meet your office cleaning regularly. Our team of professional cleaners is friendly, trustworthy, and well-trained. They had undergone training and understood the dos & don’ts.

Basic office scope of work:-
• Vacuuming office carpet
• Wiping all tables & chairs
• Wiping all cabinets
• Wiping glass door
• Wiping windows
• Wiping & polishing all office phone
• Emptying all rubbish bins
• Cleaning and clearing pantry area

If you are looking for an experienced, reputable, and trustworthy cleaning company, look no further, Auntie Cleaner is here upon your request! We offer an extensive range of cleaning services and concentrate on providing the utmost competitive rates, hassle-free, reliability, and trust to all our clients.

All sort of businesses benefits from our thoroughness because hygiene and tip-top appearance are one of the most crucial factors in the public’s point of view. We provide service for island-wide regardless of the small or big job!

Our team of professional cleaners is fully licensed and insured to protect your business equipment and property. If you got a space or area that you prefer us to touch that specific area. Let us know; you can trust that we will not touch those areas, leaving them entirely the way it was originally placed.

We always strive to work efficiently to exceed all of our client’s expectations to provide guaranteed satisfaction. Our services extend beyond the routine office cleaning job; we do serve and are more than willing to meet your requirements each time. Should you require other services such as spring cleaning, or monthly packages; do look for us too!

Infographic - Office Cleaning Checklist
Infographic – Office Cleaning Checklist
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