Can I Hire Part-Time Maid For Spring Cleaning?

Can I Hire Part-Time Maid For Spring Cleaning? Spring cleaning is an important event for any house. During it, you rid your home of all dirt so that it starts a new year in a sparkling condition. But since it is a major task that can last for an entire day, you may need a helper.

If you are busy with other tasks besides cleaning, you can hire a part-time maid. Part-time maids are perfect for spring cleaning. Here is a post that explains why.

Advantages of part-time maids

1. Cheaper

If you need a maid just to help you with spring cleaning, a part-time house cleaner is your best choice. You pay her only for the hours she spent helping you around the house. No insurance, no extra expenses.

Unlike part-time maids, full-time maids live in your house and come with additional costs. For example, you have to pay for their travel tickets and food.

2. Hire whenever you need

A part-time maid is your best friend if you need help around the house occasionally. For example, when you are too busy with work or when you want to perform a spring cleaning. You just book a part-time maid, she does her job and leaves. There is no need to keep a full-time maid if you do almost all the cleaning tasks alone.

3. Intimacy

When hiring part-time cleaners, you don’t have to provide them with a living space. They just come, work, and leave. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your intimacy and safety. In addition, your family members can use the entire space of the house. They don’t have to think about respecting the privacy of a guest.

4. Save time

Hiring a part-time maid helps you to save time on other everyday activities. Along with time, you save energy which you can spend on your activities. For example, playing with kids, cooking, or doing a work project. You can also invest the saved time in rest.

Cleaning chores a part-time maid does

A part-time maid can do most of the spring cleaning’s major tasks. Although her checklist is shorter than the full-time maid’s one, she can help a lot. She vacuums the carpets and mops the floors. She dusts the furniture and other dusty surfaces, like blinds, paintings, PC tablets, and windowsills.

Also, part-time cleaners deal with changing the bedsheets and pillowcases. They put effort into wiping and polishing the windows. They use specialized window cleaners to make your windows as tidy and shiny as new.

Is there a lot of cleaning work to do in your kitchen? Don’t worry, the maid will do many things for you. She wipes the countertops and removes dust and greasy spots from the electrical appliances. She gladly takes on the vacuuming and mopping parts.

Usually, the checklist of a part-time maid doesn’t include cleaning the inside of the fridge or oven. But, they may agree to do it for extra money. What they won’t do even for money is cleaning the dishwasher. Maids refuse to take on this task because it’s time-consuming and non-profitable.

Bathroom spring cleaning is a hard task. Call out a part-time maid to help you bring your bathroom to spotless condition. She will get in charge of sanitizing the germy surfaces, including the toilet and sink. This means not only wiping them clean but also disinfecting them.

Maids carry effective and eco-friendly products that kill all germs lingering on surfaces. Moreover, they help you to deal with the mess and chaos inside the bathroom cabinets.

Keep in mind that, unlike full-time maids, part-time cleaners don’t do laundry and iron clothes. If you convince them, though, they will require extra charges.

While they are flexible with laundry, there are things maids will never do. These include cleaning places that require a ladder to reach, cleaning light bulbs and ceiling fixtures, and picking up pet waste. Removing bed bugs is not a thing a part-time maid does either.

Requirements for hiring a part-time maid

You can hire a part-time maid to help you with spring cleaning, but there are some legal requirements to consider. The maid must be a citizen of Singapore or a permanent resident of this country. As the law states, foreign domestic workers can’t work as part-time maids. Even if they are under a cleaning agency, they don’t have this right.

Cleaning agencies vs independent house cleaners

Can I Hire Part-Time Maid For Spring Cleaning?

Please note that there are two types of part-time maids you can hire. The first ones are those bound to a cleaning agency. It is better to hire a cleaning agency for a bunch of reasons. Maids who have an official contract with a company are more reliable and better trained.

Also, if the maid experiences an injury or feels bad, you can ask the agency to replace her. A new cleaning lady will come and continue the work.

Many reputed cleaning agencies have apps. This makes the hiring process easy. No need to search for the perfect candidate on job websites. Just login into the app, book a maid, and the agency will send a professional cleaner to you.

If you want to save money on spring cleaning, you can hire an independent house cleaner. These are usually people who look for an additional source of income. But with a lower price come some disadvantages. For example, there is a higher chance to stumble upon an inexperienced maid who has undergone no training.

Changing her will be impossible since she isn’t part of the cleaning agency team. Moreover, freelance cleaners are not insured in this position.

You can find an independent cleaner on job platforms where mostly you will have to guess. A better method is to ask your friends or relatives to recommend you a part-time maid. This guarantees a contract with a reliable and skilled person.

Can I Hire Part-Time Maid For Spring Cleaning? – Bottom line

Can I Hire Part-Time Maid For Spring Cleaning?

On the whole, part-time maids are perfect helpers for spring cleaning. By hiring one, you take a big burden off your shoulders. The maid will deal with major cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, and wiping dirty surfaces. Make sure, though, the maid is a Singapore citizen or a Singapore permanent resident, before hiring her.

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