What Are The Best Ways To Remove Dust From Home? (Updated)

Dust is one of the major problems in the home. This is especially true in Singapore. You see, dust is mostly composed of dead skin flakes and fibers. And in Singapore, the weather gets really hot and this increases skin shedding.

While it is true that it’s almost impossible to completely win the battle against dust, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize its proliferation in your home. Below are a few of those things. 

Start With Your Closet

Closet cleaning
Closet cleaning

As mentioned before, fiber is one of the major compositions of dust. Do you know where fibers are concentrated the most? Yes, it’s in your closet. Your towels, beddings, and clothes are most likely stored in your closet. Every time you swing the closet door, you create a dust storm that you can’t see with your naked eyes.

Of course, you can’t really prevent your clothes, bedding, and towels from shedding, but there is a way you can minimize the problem. What you can do is to box or bag your clothes, towels or beddings. The best ones to use are clear plastic boxes.

Clear plastic boxes, lockdown, and isolate dust. Furthermore, it prevents other sources of dust from settling on your clothes. Lastly, it’s a lot easier to wipe clean the outside of the box than cleaning your clothes from dust. 

Regularly Change Your Beddings

Changing bedding regularly
Changing bedding regularly

Your beddings may not be sound like a major dust contributor at first. However, if you think about it, it’s made with cloth fibers. Then, it’s most likely that you rub off the fibers when you toss and turn as you sleep. Thus, your beddings collect skin flakes when you use them at night.

When you add all of those things, it’s easy to see that your beddings are a major contributor to dust. Thankfully, there is an easy solution. Simple change your beddings regularly to minimize its dust contribution. In fact, you should change your beddings once a week. 

Check Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies
Cleaning supplies

When it comes to cleaning your home to get rid of your dust, you must check the tools you are using. The key to eliminating dust as much as possible is to use cleaning tools that capture dust and not just spread them around. That is the real problem with dry cloths and feather dusters.

When you use these kinds of cleaning tools, you are not capturing dust. You are simply moving them around. Hence, use the right tools to make your tasks easier. The cleaning tools that are good against dust are the ones that incorporate wax or oil as these kinds of cleaning tools lock-in the dust into their “sticky” surface.

You can also use cloths or cleaning tools that are electrostatically charged as they are good at attracting dust. 

Beat Like A Madman

If you have carpets in your home, you should know that it’s a major Revoir for dust. Not only do these home additions shed their own fiber, but they also capture dust. Hence, if you want to eliminate dust in your home, you must know how to clean the carpet properly.

What this article is talking about is you need to beat your carpets like a madman. Of course, you want to do this outdoors. Hang your carpets outside and start beating them with a stick.

For best results, don’t stop beating until you can’t see any puffs of dust that come out when you hit it with a stick. You can also do this with your upholstery, especially if your upholstery is of the non-leather type. 

Clean Your Aircon Filters

Cleaning aircon filter
Cleaning aircon filter

Most Singaporean homes have an air conditioning system to ward off hot weather. These air conditioning systems may be useful in providing cool air, but they could be distributing dust all-around your home. How come?

Well, let’s look at how dust is distributed. The primary mode of transport for the dust is air. Hence, if you have a device that circulates air, it could also be distributing the pesky dust. To minimize your dust problems, one thing that you can do is to clean the filters of your air conditioning system regularly.

Usually, air conditioners have a mesh that captures the dust. The problem arises when it’s not regularly cleaned. This is because the filters will do a poor job of capturing dust. If the system is uncleaned, your air conditioning system may help distribute dust; rather than capturing them.

An easy solution is to clean your air conditioning filters regularly. As a bonus, you will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system. It is important to book your aircon servicing once every 3 months.

Make Friend With Air Purifiers

You may think that air purifiers are worthless because you can’t see what they are exactly doing. Most of the time, you only see a fan-like device sitting in the corner of a room. In reality, air purifiers are specially designed devices that suck-in air and capture the floating dust.

Air purifiers are very recommended if you or any of your family members are allergic to dust. It may be hard to see what these air purifiers are actually doing, but once you see the dust they have captured when you remove the filters, you would instantly convert to a believer. 

Don’t Forget The Floors.

Floor cleaning
Floor cleaning

When cleaning for dust, it’s easy to miss the floor. This is because it’s easier to see dust if lying on a figurine or any decorative items in your home. In reality, dust is most likely going to settle on your floor. This is not easy to imagine as your floor covers a wide surface area.

That’s a lot of space for the dust to settle on. Therefore, do not forget to clean your floors against dust. The first thing you can do is sweep your floor regularly, like twice or thrice a week. Once you have swept the floor, it’s time to minimize the dust even further. This is achieved by mopping your floor with a damp mop.

Completely removing all the dust in your home is next to impossible. As long as you will be wearing clothes or fabric and shedding skin, dust will always be present. However, this does not mean that you can’t do anything about it.

In fact, to minimize the dust in your home, you can start with your closet, change your bedding regularly, use the right cleaning supplies, beat the dust out of your carpets, clean the filters in your air conditioning systems and make use of an air purifier.

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