8 Worst Office Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid (Updated)

What are the 8 worst office cleaning mistakes to avoid? A clean working environment is essential for the proper functioning of context, and many administrators take various steps as well to keep their office clean. But sometimes people make multiple mistakes as well while doing the cleaning of their office, and as a result of those mistakes, they do not get the optimum result with their cleaning efforts.

In case you wish to know more about these mistakes, then the following are the eight worst mistakes people make in office cleaning

Not cleaning on time: 

Doing the cleaning at the wrong time is one of the biggest mistakes that many office owners do while cleaning their office. When you will do the cleaning of your office, then you will need to use a vacuum cleaner, water viper, chemicals, and other things that might make your employees uncomfortable.

Also, the wet and slippery surface will be risky for your employees, which is not a good thing. To avoid these complications, it is recommended that you do cleaning in your office only during nonworking hours else you will not be able to get the optimum result with it.

Office cleaning
Office cleaning

Cleaning only visible areas: 

This is one of the worst mistakes that a lot of people make while cleaning their offices. Most people just clean the visible area of their office, and they ignore all those areas that are not visible, and bacteria or other harmful microorganisms wait there to make your employees sick.

Other than this, not cleaning of these areas make the place very dirty as well and give bed smell in your office. To make sure you don’t get these complications in your office, it is recommended that you clean all the non-visible areas as well, such as the back of the pictures or upside of the lighting fixtures. 

Using a lot of chemical cleaners: 

Now a day’s many people prefer to clean their office using a lot of chemicals which are not suitable for the employee and furniture both. If you use a lot of chemical cleaners in your day to day office cleaning work, then it can lead to some adverse effects on your employees.

Other than this, if some of your employees have any kind of allergy with these chemicals, then excessive use of those chemicals can create an adverse effect on their health as well, which is not a good thing. So, it is strongly recommended that you do not use a lot of chemicals substances for cleaning your office.

Using a lot of chemical cleaners
Using a lot of chemical cleaners

Expecting more from employees: 

If you ask your employees to keep the office clean, then there is nothing wrong with it. That is a good thing, but if you expect more from them, then it will be your mistake. If you think your employees will do the dusting and other items in your office, then that will be a mistake from you and will get no positive results from them.

Hence, it is strongly recommended that you expect only essential cleanliness from them and leave the rest of the cleaning part on your office cleaning staff.

Not vacuuming your carpet daily: 

Many times office cleaning staff assumes that office carpets do not require the daily vacuuming, and they do it every week only. However, this is not true because, in the office, your employees may daily drop some organic and not organic stuff in the carpet that can make your carpet dirty, and eventually, it can create a bad smell in your office.

So, if you have carpets in your office, then you must do the regular vacuuming of the carpet to get the best cleaning in your office. Also, it is suggested that you take experts’ help to deep clean your carpet every few months so you can have only clean carpet in your office. 

Not disposing of garbage bags daily: 

Removing trash from office
Removing trash from office

Ideally, all the offices should dispose of their garbage bag daily, and they should use new bags instead of the old one, but many offices do not follow this simple practice. I consider this is one of the worst mistakes because sometimes a two days old garbage disposal bag starts stinking due to decaying food or a similar substance, and that is not good at all in any environment, including an office.

I assume you don’t wish to have this problem in your office, and that’s why I would urge you to dispose of your garbage bags daily to get the optimum result with the cleaning work.

Using the wrong tools for cleaning: 

Using the wrong tools for cleaning
Using the wrong tools for cleaning

Cleaning is a work that you can do only with the help of various tools, and if you do not have the right tools for the same, then you cannot get the desired result with it. In your office cleaning work, you may need to use a good quality vacuum cleaner, mop, dusting cloths, broom, a long broom to remove spider webs, dusting gloves, and similar other tools.

So, when you do the cleaning of your office, then make sure you follow the basic rules, and you get all the essential tools that you may need to keep your office clean in the best possible manner. Other than this, it is also recommended that you get advanced tools for the job so you can get a better result in the best possible ways.

Not giving training to your staff: 

I would say this is the worst mistake that many office owners make in the cleaning process of their office. You need to understand that your in-house cleaning staff can go only at a specific limit, and they can do the cleaning only according to their knowledge. That means if your employees are not trained for cleaning, then they will not be able to do the better cleaning in your office.

To deal with this situation, it is recommended that you arrange training for your housekeeping staff and you make them familiar with advanced cleaning techniques. This training will assist them in doing the best work in a sophisticated manner, and you will also get better cleaning in your office in baroque style.

Infographic - Office Cleaning Checklist
Infographic – Office Cleaning Checklist
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