8 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips (Updated)

Spring cleaning is an important procedure for all homeowners in Singapore who want to keep their space as clean as possible. Spring cleaning helps remove all the dirt, dust, and grime from every nook and cranny of your home.

Deep cleaning of your home not only helps remove germs, toxins, mold, allergens, and bacteria from your living environment and improves indoor air quality but also a light and fresh atmosphere that is inviting for both visitors and family alike.

However, since most people living in Singapore lead a very busy life and often find the spring cleaning chore quite challenging can hire professional house cleaning services to finish the task. However, if you are one of those people who would like to spring clean your home on your own, it is essential that you follow simple spring cleaning tips to make your home look sparkling, clean, and tidy.

8 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning checklist
Spring cleaning checklist

#1: Make a plan
Spring cleaning requires you to go beyond the usual dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping routine. It is therefore highly recommended that you make a plan before you begin the spring cleaning.

Write down a list of rooms to be cleaned and make a list of the cleaning supplies, equipment, or tools you may require to clean your home easily. When selecting your cleaning supplies, ensure that you choose natural products instead of synthetic ones. Next, it is important that you schedule a date for the cleaning operation.

While cleaning the office can be scheduled for weekends, home cleaning can be scheduled on a holiday. Prepare a step-by-step cleaning operation and organize the task according to their importance. Making a plan can help you execute your cleaning chore smoothly and help you clean all the rooms in your home easily.

#2: Prepare a cleaning schedule
When setting out to clean your home, it is always good that set time for each cleaning task. After making a list, break down each cleaning task, and estimate how long it might take you to finish the task.

Since there is no rule regarding the time you need to take to finish your spring cleaning, allotting estimated time for each cleaning task will not only help give an idea of whether you need to add them to your daily routine or on a holiday but will also prevent you to taking too much time to finish your spring cleaning job.

#3: Declutter

Decluttering & cleaning
Decluttering & cleaning

When cleaning your home, you may find many things that may remind you of the sad events in your life. These things are usually found all over the place and at times found among piles of junk. These things require a second look and can either be sold off or donated to some needy. However, if you decide to keep some items, think about you can reorganize them in a better way.

#4: Seek Assistance
When undertaking a spring cleaning job- never try doing the cleaning job all by yourself. Apart from having to clean a large space area, spring cleaning may require you to move around furniture or climb ladders to dust light fixtures.

Apart from taking help from family or friends, you can also involve your kids in the house cleaning job by getting them focused on their rooms first. However, when involving children, ensure that you keep them on track and ensure that they do not shove everything under the bed.

Finally, if you can afford it, try hiring a maid service to complete larger jobs that seem too overwhelming.

#5: Start your cleaning from top to bottom
One time-honored trick when spring cleaning your home is to tackle each room from top to bottom. This means always dusting and cleaning the ceiling, and light fixtures, molding and moving down and wiping the walls, cleaning the windows, and window treatment.

Dust all art or pictures and sanitize the light switches and doors. After cleaning the walls, move on to the furniture and closets before you start cleaning the floors.

#6: Rearrange the furniture
After all the cleaning is done, it is important that you reorder or rearrange the furniture in a proper way. If you are planning to buy new furniture for your home or office, replace the old items with new ones.

While giving your office a new look will help attract clients, giving your home a makeover will help it look new and welcome friends and guests with more warmth.

#7: Add fun to your spring cleaning

Add fun into cleaning
Add fun to cleaning

Spring cleaning can be an uphill task and can drain your energies completely by the end of the day. To make your cleaning process fun and enjoyable, create it as a party.

Engage all your family in the chore, whip up some delicious snacks, and put on some hip and rock music while doing the cleaning. This will not only help make your cleaning job easier but will also allow you to bond with your family and have a good time together.

#8: Hire professional house cleaning services

If you really busy or are feeling to do the spring cleaning all by yourself, it is highly recommended that you hire professional house cleaning services in Singapore.

A great benefit of availing their services is that these professional cleaning companies not only offer excellent services that will leave your house looking sparkling from all corners but also deliver the services in due time and at economical rates.

Spring cleaning doesn’t only imply cleaning your home, but it also helps keep your home well-maintained. So whether you need to repair your air- conditioner that is broken down or need an inspection for loose shingles or consider sealing leaks or caulking around the windows, spring cleaning allows you to inspect the wear and tear and help it get back into shape.

In addition, spring cleaning your home also helps provide unexpected health benefits such as improving your mood, getting de-stressed, helping you breathe better, and helping you get active and more productive at work. So what are you waiting for, get embarked on your spring cleaning chore by following these simple tips listed above and clean your house efficiently within a short span of time.

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