8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY

8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY – With the Chinese New Year almost upon us, it is time to get that spring cleaning done. You might think, how to do the spring cleaning at the last minute? We can help you out with the same.

We will below highlight 8 last-minute Spring cleaning tips for the Chinese New Year. Once you follow these 8 tips, it will become easier for you to clean your home even in the nick of time.

1. Clean the windows:

8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY

One intergal part of your home that you might often miss in the last minute hurry is your home’s windows. However, since they are an integral part of your home and often the center of attraction in certain rooms, you need to clean them for sure.

You have to especially look out for fingerprints, grease, oil stains, and so on. Simply wiping them clean in most cases will do the trick. You can use a window cleaner as well to clean them more efficiently. Nevertheless, you should not leave them out just because you’re in a hurry.

2. Make sure you clean underneath the mattress:

Even in last-minute cleaning, most homeowners will clean the bed and other parts of the bedroom. What they often forget is cleaning underneath the mattress.

Irrespective of whether your mattress is directly on the floor or the bed, there can be debris, dust, and so on beneath the mattress. You have to clean that area as well. Only then can you claim that you have cleaned the entire bedroom.

3. Get a new doormat:

The mats are notoriously difficult to clean. However, they experience a lot of dirt, debris, grime, and so on. When you’re in a hurry, instead of spending an hour to clean the doormat, it is better to replace the doormat. Buying a new doormat is quite affordable. That is why getting a new one is always better.

4. Clean your fridge:

8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY

The refrigerator is another gadget that you should focus on during spring cleaning. We often stash leftover food and groceries into the refrigerator. Throughout the year, you might not think about cleaning it. However, when it comes to spring clean, you cannot miss it.

Firstly, you have to throw away stale food or expired food products. After that, you have to organize the contents of the refrigerator. Once you throughout the expired food, you will have plenty of space in the refrigerator to manage everything.

5. Clean your shoe cabinet:

8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY

The shoe cabinet is another ignored part of your home. That is because we open it to put in the shoes or to wear them. The truth is that the shoe cabinet can get pretty dirty. When we put our shoes in them, we often do not check whether the shoe soles have any dirt or debris.

Over a while, the cabinet’s shelves can accumulate dust, debris, grease, and various other contaminants. So, the most important spring cleaning tip is to clean and organize your shoe cabinet.

6. Donate old stuff:

8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY

Even when you follow the best spring cleaning tips, you cannot always organize stuff in time. That is because we have a lot of stuff in our homes these days. The rule of thumb is to donate whatever you haven’t used in a year. Those are things which you will probably not need.

By donating the old stuff, you can make space for the existing one. Not only that, it can help you in decluttering your home as well. It is one of the most effective cleaning tips which you can follow.

7. Replace old bulbs:

Do you often procrastinate changing bulbs and light fixtures? If so, spring cleaning can be a good time to replace the old bulbs. Even the light fixtures which are currently working might have a coat of dust on them. You can wipe them clean with a dry cloth.

Since we often light our homes for Chinese New Year, it is a good idea to replace the older bulbs so that you can increase the illumination around your home.

8. Clean your bathroom:

8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY

In haste, you might end up forgetting to clean your bathrooms. That is because they are cumbersome to clean. However, even in last-minute Spring cleaning, you shouldn’t ignore your bathrooms. You can start with the sink, toilet, and ceiling. Follow that up with the floor and the storage cabinets.

8 Last-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips For CNY – Conclusion

With our guide above, you can easily complete your last-minute Spring cleaning without missing out on anything. Instead of cleaning whatever comes in front of you, when you follow these 8 tips, you can be sure that nothing is left out when it comes to spring cleaning.

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