Why You Should Clean Your Office Carpet Before The New Year

Everybody has New Year expectations and desires. You want to start things on a clean slate and have a great year ahead. I find it a good luck to start the year with a clean office and home. I do not want to carry on the yester year’s dirt with me and that is why I arrange my office carpet cleaning before the turn into the New Year. This practice has given me the enthusiasm to face yet another year with courage. In the Chinese culture, the New Year is a time held in high regards and people are expected to adhere to a premium code of conduct. If you are wondering why office carpet cleaning is so important before the eve of another year, I have reasons to convince you. Just read on. 

· Remove health hazards: 

Did you know that carpets can keep lots of dirt in them? I guess you do not know and that is why you never bother to clean them. Well, I’m not here to blame you for past negligence but I want you to adapt the practice of cleaning your office carpet before you prepare to welcome another year. By keeping your office carpet clean, you remove dirt and allergens which are harmful to your health. Doing it towards the end of the year ensures that you start off from a clean and healthy office environment. 

· A good way to start a new year: 

Who does not want to a cleaner office than last year? I’m sure you want your office to be neater than it has been in the past. As you clean everything, do not forget to clean the carpet. When the next year comes you will love living in a clean place. It gives me lots of confidence when my office is clean and the carpet is one piece that would really need a cleaning before the year sinks into a sunset. 

· Impress guests: 

You will receive guests to your office next year. You want them to find your office clean so that they may come again. Visitors to your office may mean a lot to your business and if they are offended with smaller things like a dirty carpet then you are headed to a bad year. Visitors attach cleanliness to good offices and organizations hence will always want to come back to your office if they like it. Who knows, the may be investors who want to boost your company and they are trying to do a physical check on your suitability to be their choice. 

· Make yourself comfortable living in a clean office: 

When your office carpet is dirty, you know it and you always want to spend less time in the office. How about having it cleaned before the New Year festive season? You will be at peace knowing that your office is clean and ready for another year of business. When you are comfortable, you performance tends to go up and it is best to create such environment at the beginning of the year. 

· Show off your level of organization: 

To me, a clean office carpet means that the occupant is a very organized person. What about you? By cleaning your office carpet before the year begins will send a message that you are looking forward to an organized year ahead. Getting things done before the year gets busy helps with saving time for other crucial activities in your office. It would send a wrong message if you have to vacate your office after the New Year to have your carpet cleaned. You should take advantage of the break before the year begins and get your workplace in order. 

· A good way to maintain your carpet: 

Leaving your workstation carpet dirt leaves it vulnerable to unnecessary tear and wear. Yes, I know your year has been busy and you had no time to clean the floor rug. But it is at the end of the year and things get to slow down towards this time. This is the best time to get your office mat cleaned. Many people find it as the most convenient time to tidy up their offices. A clean carpet will last longer and you will not need a new piece any time soon. Take advantage of the off peak time towards the ending year and have your carpet cleaned. To some, this is the time you are not at work and the carpet will dry well and be laid in place before the year resumes. 

· Attract good fortune: 

In the Chinese culture, New Year is a time when people look forward to get blessings. People never do any work during this time since this s a sacred time. You can get into this practice and do your office cleaning before this time. Many people do this and it is good to adhere to this practice. It may be superstitious that you get blessed during the New Year but it will not hurt you to do your office carpet cleaning before this time. 

· The most appropriate time of the year: 

I’ve seen many companies who are busy throughout the year. There is never a better time to do office cleaning during the year. It is a wise choice to set aside the time before the New Year to have your place of work cleaned. This is the time when you may be on a short break before the year begins. Take advantage of the low activity in your organization and have a general cleaning.

· Maintain prosperity by choosing the most appropriate time for cleaning: 

By spending time well, a business will be able to maximize on work output. When carpet cleaning is done at the close of the year, there is no wastage of working time. Waiting to do the cleaning when the year has started will not only interrupt work flow but will also affect the overall performance of the business. Those who want to avoid time wastage and inconveniences will have their office carpets cleaned before the New Year. It helps in handing you a good start to the new term of business with a clean carpet.

Infographic - Why You Need To Clean Your Carpet
Infographic – Why You Need To Clean Your Carpet
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