Why you need a Part time Maid Service in Singapore

Part time maid in Singapore provides a cheaper maid services to both residential and commercial clients. The service is provided in a highly professional manner using necessary cleaning equipments and detergents. Part time maid Singapore has become popular in many cities in Singapore and it has relieved many families of hiring full time maids to take care of cleaning services at homes. When hiring a part time maid service you need to have all tasks that need to be addressed and present them to maid service provider. Proper time needs to be allocated to the service provider so that the quality of the service is not compromised.

There are various services offered by part time maid in Singapore. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the following the services from maid service providers;

a.) Mopping and Vacuum cleaning
Part time maid service providers have the capability of meeting various standards of their clients when it comes to the vacuum and mop cleaning of different floors in our homes and offices. They also provide customized cleaning which include vacuum cleaning followed by mopping with high quality chemicals. They utilize different chemicals for different floors and enough water to make sure that your floor is sparkling clean. This service need to be given additional time since a lot of effort is required to execute it.

b.) Windows and Mirror Cleaning
This service is carried out by using glass cleaning chemicals, plain clothes for wiping and drying. If your windows are dirty and need some cleaning, you can involve part time maid services who will do it for you on a rotational basis since windows take some time before they get dirty. Clean windows ensure that our home or office get enough sunlight.

c.) Dusting and Wiping of Furniture
Part time maid service use feather dusters and disposable wipes or clothes to dust and clean furniture. In case you have leather furniture, these maid service providers will use high quality leather cleaning products that ensure your furniture regain the original appearance.

d.) Cleaning of Toilet bowl, Basin and Bathtub
Part time maid in Singapore will come to your rescue in case your toilet bowl or bathtub needs a thorough cleaning up. They apply bleaching chemicals to your toilet bowl before they start scrubbing. In case of basins and bathtubs they use multi-purpose chemicals that are applied and left for a short time before they start scrubbing. These tasks need to be done on rotational basis.

e.) Scrubbing Toilet Walls and Floors
If you look at the groves of your bathroom shower area floor you will find the soap that has collected in this area and also on the shower walls. This makes your bathroom unwelcoming. Part time maid services will scrub your wall and floor leaving it sparkling clean and healthy for you and your family.

f.) Cleaning of Fans
Fans are dismantled in order to conduct a thorough wiping. This activity is done on rotational basis or when required. If you need a ceiling fan to be cleaned, part time maid Singapore will come with additional equipments and one such equipment is a step ladder.

To successfully overcome some of the cleaning activities that might be bothering you, just contact part time maid service providers in Singapore. These services are cheap compared to full time maid services.

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