Spring Cleaning Service

What is Spring Cleaning? Basically, in general it is another name for “one-time cleaning” that everything has to be wiped out! Due to our hectic work schedules, we always have a problem spending time cleaning our own house maintaining them at its best state. Home is our place to relax ourselves and the environment is important to you and our loved ones. It must be safe, cleaned and healthy for our family. If you are unable to see yourself or family cleaning your house, there will be a last choice for you by engaging a professional house cleaning company. 

Part Time Maid Singapore specializes in spring cleaning service. We will help you with your house chores that you do not have time for. We ensure that every corner of your house will receives full attention and guarantee that we meet your cleaning requirements.

There may be certain reasons for engaging spring cleaning services such as:
Moving in/out cleaning – Everyone deserves a sanitised and cleaned home before moving in or handling over to owners. 

After renovation cleaning – Those dust left behind after renovation works will cause itchiness and breathing difficulties. It is advisable to clean up the whole area, after renovation!

Before/After party cleaning – After a tiring day, preparing food and attending to your guests, leave all the trouble to us, we are able to clean your area sparkling clean!
Our spring cleaning service usually range between 4-8 hours to complete, this varies as it depends on the condition and the size of your house. Our team of professionals are consistent, efficient, effective and thorough. We use only environmental friendly range of products in order not to pollute your indoor air quality and cause health problems to your loved ones. 

A brief general coverage that we provide:-
• Doors & gates
• Windows & grills
• Vacuuming & mopping of all floors
• Exterior cleaning
• Glass surfaces

If you are considering a regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service, it is advisable to book by package as it will be cheaper and convenient for you! By regular cleaning, this will definitely ensure that your headaches will be gone and your house is sparkling clean. 

We strive to provide top quality cleaning services at an affordable price for all, with our reliable and experienced team, you can be assured of a cleaner and healthier environment. As a one-stop service provider, beside cleaning service, we also provide moving, painting, carpet cleaning, curtains & blinds and etc. services to all our clients.
So are you ready to open up your windows and let the sun shine?

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