Part Time Maid Or Full Time Maid?

Why More Singaporean Are Switching From Full Time Maid To Part Time Maid?

Looking at the salary increment year by year for local maids, no wonder people in Singapore have slowed down their demand for full time maids especially those from Indonesia. 

A few years ago, the monthly pay for an Indonesian maid was below 300 SGD. Now it comes close to 500 SGD which is about 70% more. With the rate going on like this, more people will be alarmed and either people start looking for cheaper maids from other countries, or they may have to consider hiring part time maids instead to reduce their monthly expenses. 

Due to the high influx of cheaper foreign workers here, we actually see wages lowering across the board for most Singaporeans, so it’s really a practical choice for people to start to consider hiring part-time maids.

Why Choose Part Time Maid?

Be positive for this unavoidable trend as it may turn out to be a blessing as parents sometimes complain that they do not have enough quality time to be with their kids and some even rely entirely on their maids since their kids were born; when people begin to rely lesser on full-time maids, they will inevitably have to find other means of taking care of their children.

The best way of doing that is to get more involved in parenting with their kids. That would mean some sacrifices for their career or parents have to modify their work/family pattern in order to achieve that.

Our society is seeing more diversities nowadays, be it home schooling or hiring part-time maid, and there are good reasons for people not to rely so much on foreign maids, otherwise, family bonding may be affected adversely further in our society.

Take a look at other more affluent countries and slowly our own country will be more globalised like theirs. That is to say people will start questioning themselves whether it’s worthwhile having full-time maids around all the time.

Why not give us a call as we have a comprehensive package for part-time maid in our company if that is your best option for your family right now. Think again when you need to hire a full time maid. Is it really what you want from the bottom of your heart as it might give you more stress like handling tense relationship between full time maids and their employers? Do you want a full time maid to be very much closer to your kids than yourselves as parents? And after all those tuition arrangements for your kids, do your kids still have time to spare with you, or there would be even more time for your kids to spend with your full time maid?

Let’s not miss the most precious period of our time with our kids while they are young. Get a part time maid to cover all the house chores and enjoy more happy moments with your children or young teens at home. It costs so much lesser and it is so much wiser for parents not to hire full time maid in order to let your next generation grow up more holistically.

Full time maid or part time maid infographic
Full time maid or part time maid infographic
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