Part-Time Helper for Cooking and Cleaning


Need a part-time helper for cooking and cleaning? In the hustle and bustle of Singapore, finding time for daily household chores like cooking and washing can be challenging. This is where a part-time helper comes into play. If you’ve been considering hiring a part-time helper for these tasks, this article will help you understand the compelling reasons.

Part-Time Helper for Cooking and Cleaning
Part-Time Helper for Cooking and Cleaning

More Time for What Truly Matters

Enjoy More Free Time

  • A part-time helper taking care of cooking and washing frees up significant time in your day. Whether you choose to use this time for work, leisure, or family matters, the added hours can significantly improve your quality of life.

Lower Stress Levels

  • The pressure to complete household chores after a long day can add unnecessary stress. Handing these tasks to a part-time helper reduces this burden and contributes to a more relaxed home environment.

Expertise in the Kitchen and Cleaning

Delicious, Home-Cooked Meals

  • Many part-time helpers are skilled cooks. They can prepare various dishes, allowing you to enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals without entering the kitchen.

Thorough Cleaning of Dishes and Home

Washing dishes and cleaning the home after a gathering involves more than just a quick scrub and sweep. Different materials, whether china plates or wooden surfaces require specific care, and a part-time helper with experience in handling various home materials can ensure your items and home are well-maintained and remain in top condition.

Cost-Effective Solution

Pay Only for What You Need

  • If you only require help with cooking and cleaning, hiring a part-time helper can be more cost-effective than engaging a full-time domestic helper. You pay for the hours you need, which can lead to significant savings.

No Employee Benefits Obligations

  • Part-time helpers, typically employed through agencies, do not require you to cover costs such as medical insurance or paid leave. This aspect can further contribute to cost savings.

Increased Flexibility

Schedule as per Your Convenience

  • With a part-time helper, you can schedule cooking and washing times that suit your lifestyle. This flexibility allows you to have meals prepared when you want them and ensures your laundry is done conveniently.

Easily Adjust Service as Needed

  • Your needs may change over time, and a part-time helper can adapt to these changes. Whether you require more or less assistance, adjusting the helper’s hours is typically easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Part-Time Helper For Cooking and Washing Services?

Why Hire Part-Time Helper For Cooking And Cleaning

The cost of hiring a part-time helper for cooking and washing in Singapore varies depending on the frequency of service, duration of each session, and the specific tasks required. Rates typically range from SGD 28-35 per hour with a minimum of 3 or 4 hours. However, some agencies offer packages for regular service, which can be more cost-effective in the long run. For instance, a package for service three times a week might cost less per hour compared to a one-time service.

Additionally, tasks like cooking may incur a higher charge due to the skill level required. It’s advisable to discuss your specific needs with a few different agencies or independent helpers to get an accurate quote.

Why Hire Part-Time Helper For Cooking And Cleaning?

Devoting your valuable hours to creating memories with your loved ones often brings more joy and satisfaction than being absorbed in routine household chores such as cooking and washing. In our fast-paced society, time is a luxury, and every minute spent with family and friends is precious.

Engaging in meaningful conversations, watching your children grow, or simply relaxing and enjoying each other’s company are moments that can’t be replaced. We cherish and remember these experiences, not the time spent standing over the stove or doing the dishes.

By hiring a part-time helper to manage your cooking and cleaning needs, you’re not just delegating tasks; you’re investing in quality time and relationships. A part-time helper can take over these time-consuming chores, freeing up your day to focus on what truly matters – sharing laughs, creating memories, and building deeper bonds with your loved ones.

The value of such undisturbed time is immeasurable. It’s more than just convenience; it’s about prioritizing relationships and well-being. So, consider a part-time helper for your cooking and washing needs in Singapore because the memories you’ll make with that extra time are priceless.


Hiring a part-time helper for cooking and cleaning in Singapore provides numerous advantages. From more free time and lower stress levels to expert care and cost savings, this solution can greatly enhance your home management strategy. Make the most of your time and enjoy the comfort of your home by considering a part-time helper for your cooking and washing needs.

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