New Year Spring Cleaning Checklist For 2015

In 2015, one of the most demanding activities in the agenda of millions of Singaporeans is spring-cleaning. Many are planning to clean rugs and upholstery. Others are planning to rid their homes off moulds, neutralize bacteria and other disease-causing organisms, and improve the air quality of their rooms for a safer and comfortable living experience. If you are among this group, having a detailed spring cleaning 2015 checklist guarantees favourable results on a budget. First, buy and assemble equipment you will need for the exercise. You, for instance, will need a good scrubbing brush. You will also need a vacuum cleaner, scrubbing pads, and a detergent for cleaning dirt/ grime. Once done, check these areas, for best results:

Area 1: The Ceiling

To have a favourable spring cleaning exercise, the first area to include on your 2015 checklist is the ceiling. When cleaning, it is one of the most ignored areas inside the home, often with serious consequences. Start by removing cobwebs. Attach a cloth to a stick and clean cobwebs from all corners of your living area(s). You should also clean around all light fixtures, ceiling vents, and on top of cupboards. Such areas trap a lot of dust and dirt, which lower air quality. They also trap allergens such as pollen and lint that often induce hypersensitivity reactions in both humans and pets such as cats and dogs. Whilst concentrating on the ceiling area, do not forget to clean all smoke alarms (if installed), air conditioner(s), and or dryer ducts. This will not only improve their looks, but also the overall functionality the fixtures as well.

Area 2: Mould Removal

Mould removal is important. It improves air quality. It mitigates liabilities associated with having mould at homes, reduces the risk of illness, and complications that might threaten your life and or the health of your family members. To have a successful spring cleaning activity, make mould cleaning a priority when creating your 2014 checklist. Check damp areas such as the bathroom, basement, and attic for mould infestation. Areas under sinks or in proximity to plumbing accessories such as water pipes are other mould hot spots you must keep in mind when spring-cleaning. If infestation is eminent, you can do two things: first, if infestation is small, wear a safety mask and clean it yourself. If infestation is on a large area, hiring the services of a professional cleaning or mould removal company is a good idea. Their trained staff will clean the infestation safely and professionally, and use effective preventive measures to stop future growth. Hire a good company, for best results.

Area 3: Walls and Windows

Walls and windows are expansive. They require a fair amount of time and effort to clean well, especially when the whole house is involved. After you have cleaned the ceiling and removed all existent mould infestations, clean your walls and windows. Remove dust using a fluff free cloth. Next, scrub walls thoroughly using soap and warm water. To avoid unsightly streaks, start by cleaning the baseboards. You can then work your way up the walls, cleaning all windows present as you go higher. If you have wallpapers, do not use a lot of water or scrub walls vigorously. Restore damaged sections. You can even remove it and paint walls for a cleaner look. Apart from restoring their lost shine, you will remove bad odours, soot, and grime that have piled in your home year round and thus, improve air quality significantly.

Area 4: Floors

When spring cleaning the interior of your home, it is advisable that you clean floors last. Dust all linen and upholstery. You should also dust chairs, clean your carpet, and then sweep floors to remove debris. Finally, depending on the type of flooring you have installed, use a moist mop or a suitable vacuum cleaner to clean. You can also repair damages and then polish it surface for a cleaner more appealing look.

Area 5: Gutters

When planning a spring cleaning event, gutters must form part of your 2015 checklist. When ignored, leaves and debris often accumulate in gutters, clogging them as a result. This can lead to flooding and eventually damage of the roof, landscaping, and other essential components such as the foundation of a home. To keep gutters working well, blow dust and debris to remove clogs. You should also flush drainpipes, repair both minor and major leaks, and replace worn out parts.

Area 6: Garage

Do not forget to add your garage to your 2015 spring cleaning checklist. Although often neglected, garages are perfect breeding grounds for rodents and disease-causing organism if cluttered. Buy a pressure washer and blast dust or grime from the floor. You should then repair its door, clean walls and windows, and makes sure air conditioning and all other components are working well.

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