How Much Is Pre Moving Cleaning Singapore? (Updated)

How much is pre-moving cleaning Singapore? Before you move out of your apartment, office, or any other premises, it is important to ensure adequate cleaning. This is to ensure that you are on good terms with your leasers and at peace with yourself.

Many people often ask themselves how much money they will be required to pay for this. The average cost of a end of rental cleaning service in Singapore will cost you SGD 250 to SGD 580, depending on the cleaning work.

It is good to understand exactly how much you will pay to adequately budget for everything. In every situation, there always are several things that determine the price of pre-moving cleaning. Here are some of them.

The size of the place

The amount of space that needs to be cleaned will determine how much you will pay. In Singapore, people have large houses, while others are small. There also are business premises that have many rooms, while others only occupy a small space. In this case, you need to look at the amount of space. To make it easy to determine how much you will likely pay for the services. It greatly varies when it comes to this.

If you contact a cleaning company for a quote, there is no doubt that the first thing they will ask from you is your building size. This is because they want to estimate how much money will cost them to find the right cleaning products.

If they are going to spend too much on the cleaning products and the cleaners themselves, you can be sure that this cost will be transferred to you and therefore, you will pay more. The best thing is to allow them some time to visits your premises so that they can come up with a more curate estimate.

The quality of cleaning

Quality is also another important thing when it comes to determining the amount of money that you are likely to get. Studies show that many people often go for cheaper quotes because they want to pay less. Indeed, spending less and saving a significant amount always feels good.

However, that should not blind you and make you forget about the quality of the cleaning services you will likely get. When it comes to pre-moving cleaning, there is nothing you will gain when you spend a few dollars less and end up with the kind of services that do not even meet your expectations.

Many people do not realize that quality is the source of a perfect thing that they can ever hope for in a cleaner. It starts with the kinds of products that they use for the equipment. A company without the right cleaning equipment might charge you less but will be unlikely to deliver good results.

Similarly, those who do not have the best cleaning skills will also tend to charge less because they know that their services might not meet the standards for superior quality. If you want the best quality, you will be required to pay more. The good thing is that it is always worth the money.

Moving out cleaning
Moving out cleaning

The company of your choice

The amount of money that you will pay for pre moving cleaning services will also depend on the company that you choose for the job. If you take a look at the rates that these companies charge, you will notice that there is a big difference.

In fact, you will be baffled to note that in as much as some charge fair prices, others are either too expensive or too cheap. It is because their business models vary and their services are not the same. You might want to know exactly what they can do before you trust them with the job.

Some pre-moving cleaning companies only go for the best products and practices and will, therefore, have services that are highly charged. There also are those that target specific kinds of clients and so, these clients often determine the price range.

In such a situation, the best thing to do is to find a company that perfectly suits your own budget. There is no doubt that everyone has their own spending power. The amount of money that you are willing to spend on such a project may not be the same as what others have.


Always compare

To be sure that you have found the best bargain in Singapore, you need to take time and compare the available offers. Do not just hire the first company you come across because you never know how much the others charge.

In fact, you could end up finding out that you spend too much on a specific company when others offer better services at lower rates. According to studies, the main reason why people do not like to compare is that they always want to finish the project very fast. They always are in such a hurry to clean and move, and so, they do not have the kind of time to keep comparing companies.

However, no matter how much you are in a hurry, it always is good to spare a few moments and know where the best offers are. You will gain nothing when you rush to hire someone only to end up with things that you did not even ask for. In such a situation, you only will have wasted your time and money.

For the best pre-moving cleaning services offers, you might want to look for cleaners who have enough experience. Those who have been doing this for a long are more likely to give you better rates. After a long time cleaning, they understand that there is more to services than just the costs.

They also want to keep their clients, and therefore, you can be sure that they will come up with the fairest prices on their services.

Moving Out Cleaning – What To Do First?

While moving into a new house is exciting and fun, moving out of your old house can be stressful. Apart from packing your belongings, hiring a mover to take your stuff, and the chaos of moving out, moving out cleaning is a crucial step you should never forget in places like Singapore.

Hiring a cleaning service to do the moving out cleaning might seems like the best way to avoid the situation but it is a very expensive affair. Here’s how you can do all the moving out cleaning by yourself and save the expense of hiring a cleaning service, and ensuring that you get back your rental security deposit!

What to do first?

A great way to start moving out cleaning is to start by packing all of your belongings and covering things like furniture to protect them while you clean the house. Make a cleaning checklist to follow so that you don’t miss out on anything. If the house needs re-painting and minor fixing to be done, you can call a professional for that.

Dusting: A great way to start the actual moving out cleaning is to dust away cobwebs, and nooks and crannies that need extra attention. Ceiling fixtures, ledges, etc are part of this process. You can also take away any extra nails you might have put on the walls to hang photo frames, etc.

Vacuum Cleaning: If your house is carpeted all over, it is always best to vacuum the entire surface and remove any marks and stains.

Kitchen Cleaning Method

Kitchens can get dirty over time since it is the most used of all rooms. Oil and spice stains, grease accumulation, etc need to be cleaned before you move out.

1. Make sure all the cabinets and shelves are empty before you start cleaning. Clean the countertops with appropriate cleaning sprays and liquids.

2. Clean the sinks and fixtures and repair the fixtures if need be.

3. Move the stovetop around to clean under it and around it.

4. Clean the fridge and other appliances that are part of the kitchen. Sweep and mop the floor at the end.

Bathroom Moving Out Cleaning

Before you start cleaning the bathroom ensure that it is completely empty.

1. Use a descaling product to clean the tiles and surface of the bathroom for soap scum and scaling. Use good bleach for the grout.

2. If you have a bathtub, clean it completely and make sure the drain in the tub is not clogged.

3. Clean fixtures including faucets, showers, toilets, and countertops.

4. Clean the vanity and mirror and remove any liners you had put in the drawers of the vanity.

Bedroom Moving Out Cleaning
: If your bedroom was furnished when you took the house, cover everything with plastic before you start the moving out cleaning. If wooden furniture looks a little old, get it varnished so that it looks as good as new.

1. Dust any cobwebs you see with the ceiling fan and light fixtures. If the room has a split AC, get it professionally cleaned.

2. Clean any interior glass with a cleaning liquid and soft cloth. This includes the mirrors—Windows, doors, etc.

3. Clean the blinds as they might be dusty.

If the floor is not carpeted, sweep and mop the floor to ensure it looks squeaky clean.

Common or Living Area Cleaning


A lot of your time is spent in the living room. Since the sofas tend to collect a lot of dust, it is best to start with vacuuming the sofa.

1. After vacuuming the sofa, cover it with a large bed-sheet or plastic to continue the rest of the moving out cleaning.

2. Clean the coffee table and varnish any wooden furniture in the living room if needs be.

3. Cleaning TV stand, show-piece stands, bookshelves and other storage areas thoroughly.

4. Clean all light fixtures and switches.

Small repairs you can do

There are a few things you can do besides cleaning before you move out.

1. Replace the bulbs, tube lights, batteries before you leave.

2. Don’t forget any of your belongings behind

3. Ask your landlord for a move-out inspection. During this time, you can explain if any major repairing is required and ensure they don’t reduce or refuse to give back your security deposit.

4. Get everything in writing and on an agreement to avoid losing your money.

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