How Can I Make My HDB Look Bigger & Cleaner?

If you want to invest in real estate in Singapore, then HDB housing is the way to go. You could invest in a condo to start with and work your way up from there. The real estate market in Singapore is in high demand, and the demand is set to continue to grow. In time, the home you buy now will be of a much higher value. Years down the line, you could sell it or rent it to bring in more money.

HDB homes can be small at times especially those on the low end of the budget. However, there are tricks and strategies that you can use to make your home much bigger and cleaner too. You just have to learn and implement them effectively.

Using the right colors

Do you know that the colors that you use in your home can affect how you feel in the space concerning its size?

Look at your home and see what colors have been used in it. You need to utilize darker and cooler colors like the blues and greens in order to give your home a much bigger feel. These colors tend to recede, which in turn makes them appear to be moving from you. When you use dark colors in your home, they will make the space feel much bigger and roomier.

You should start with the walls because they constitute a large part of the home. The floor colors can be next. If you want to maintain some bright colors, you can lighten them up a bit and make them more neutral. You can also repaint some of your larger pieces of furnishings to suit the background walls. It is also important to incorporate cool colors within your accessories for the same reason.

When you darken the colors in your space, especially the walls and floor, you will be amazed at the difference it will make. Your home will feel much bigger instead of making you feel claustrophobic.

Renovate a little

If you own your HDB home, you will have some flexibility when it comes to making renovations. Ensure that you follow interior design principles when redesigning your space. You can remove some obstacles within your spaces. If possible, knock down walls that partition your main rooms. This will add to the size of your home and make the rooms bigger than they were.

De-clutter and clean

Changing the colors of your home and making renovations may be good ways of making a home feel bigger, but they also cost quite a bit of money. Before you think of these options, you should consider the much cheaper version that involves getting rid of clutter and cleaning your home.

Accumulating many things that you do not need is not a good idea especially if you have a small home. Before long, the things will take up all the free space that you have. Navigating through your home is going to be difficult. Finding space for the new things that you do need is going to be almost impossible. That is what clutter does; it takes up all the available space.

Another disadvantage of clutter is the fact that it attracts dirt and dust. This will end up making you feel sickly if you are not careful. Do you really want to deal with additional health complications?

The best way to increase the usable space within your home is to remove the clutter. It takes a short time and costs little compared to the other alternatives.

You can sort out the things you do not need or want. Those that are usable can be resold or donated to charity. You can throw the rest in the trash. You will notice an increase in space almost immediately.

Take time to arrange the things that you are left with in an organized manner. You want your things to be organized in a way that takes up minimal space without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the interior. Disorganization takes up too much space in a small house. You can then clean up your home and get to use the available space for other activities.

Your cleaning and de-cluttering options

When you have too much clutter in your home, it can be quite difficult to know where to start. Instead of wallowing in your clutter-related misery, you should hire a professional cleaning company. You can then supervise the professionals and let them do most of the work. For a fair price, you will still manage to make your HDB home appear bigger and cleaner at the end of the day.

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