End Of Tenancy DIY Cleaning Tips

In most cases, tenants find it hard to cope with their landlord’s demands; for example, a landlord might demand an end of tenancy cleaning which might be difficult for a tenant, maybe because he or she is busy to do the cleaning or cannot afford to hire Singapore cleaning professionals. In addition, if the tenant does not have a slight idea of what his or her landlord wants at the end of tenancy cleaning, it adds up to the problems. That is why we have compiled for you a list of end of tenancy DIY cleaning tips, and you can save some money by skipping the professional cleaning company part:

Cleaning Tips

1. Cleaning the microwave oven -
Put a bowl full of water and freshly squeezed lemon juice in the appliance and set the timer on four minutes. The steam will loosen up all dirt and food stains, and all you'll have to do afterward is to wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. In my opinion, you can accomplish this chore in less than 10 minutes. Appliances like oven, microwave, AC, dishwasher, are used on a daily basis and need to be cleaned after use.

2. Dust the furniture -
If you live in a big property you won't be able to dust all of the furnishings, but you can do a room or two a day. If you use a feather duster, the task will be accomplished faster, though. If you want to reduce the dust to the minimum, try with moving the furniture - especially those pieces, which haven't been shifted for a long time. Vacuum the forgotten areas and spray some disinfector!

3. Vacuum the floors -
Just like in the previous point; it depends on how big your lodging is, if you'll be able to vacuum everywhere in 10 minutes, or if you'll have to do a room a day.

4. Clean the refrigerators -
Take everything out of it, put them out of date supplies in the garbage, and spray the inside of the appliance with vinegar/water solution. Wipe with a clean sponge or cloth, and you're ready

5. The window may be a single-layered door or double every bit of window is cleaned with great precision.
Glass window is cleaned with the required spray and provide the best vision to see through. Internal and external, every bit of the windows should be cleaned thoroughly.

6. Be aware of home bugs and insects -
find some proper detergent against them! Apply it, when you finish cleaning!

7. The bedrooms, hallway and living room can be easier as many people maintain these on a daily basis.
This basically involves cleaning and furniture provided properly, including any mirrors, mattresses, dining furniture including chair cushions and covers and any other upholstery

8. That leads us to the bathroom!
Another not so pleasant job if you have not kept on top of it. All the units will need to be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring there are limescale and sludge left behind. This can be particularly tedious on shower screens for example, and if the condition is not good, the cleaning should be done in a proper manner. Everything needs to be disinfected properly.

Cleaning Tips

Find some motivation to clean and sanitize by checking out your budget. As you all know, money is never enough. So, don't lose the chance to receive some extra sum of money for the upcoming removal. Earn your tenancy deposit with some good cleaning! A tenancy deposit is a solid motivation, isn't it?

The careful and precise organization is good for the end of tenancy cleaning, as well. First of all, it will help you in finishing the sterilizing chore in the property quickly. Second of all, a strong and perfect organization in home cleaning is always observed in the end - in the final result. If your landlord sees your efforts and diligence, he will be pleased with the end of tenancy cleaning.

There is the general cleaning of the property to consider before looking at individual rooms. Landlords in Singapore will expect windows, window frames and blinds to be clean and dust free, the air conditioners also need to be dust free, the flooring needs to be cleaned appropriately and any stains removed, doors and frames need to be cleaned, and any outdoor areas also need to be tidied and cleaned (including mowing of the grass if applicable).

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