End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Condo (2023 Guide)

End of tenancy cleaning for condo – Cleaning the condo at the end of the tenancy is absolutely necessary. There is a lot of debris, dust, and grime that accumulates during the stay. Getting rid of all that dirty stuff is a must, especially if you plan on handing the house over to another tenant. The cleaner it is, the higher its value and the higher the chance that you will sign a favorable tenancy agreement.

Typically, it is the renter who does the end-of-lease cleaning. However, the landlord can also do it if they want to bring the condo to the highest standards of cleanliness. Luckily, Singapore has a wide selection of cleaning companies that you can choose from.

Make a point of picking an experienced team with multiple positive references from previous customers. Besides reliability, you may also want to look for a full spectrum of cleaning services. If the company engages to do the following tasks, you may consider it for your end-of-tenancy cleaning.

1. Dusting and vacuuming

End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Condo

After every prolonged stay, there is a lot of dust and cobwebs on walls, carpets, and upholstery. You want to get rid of them before the next tenant moves in. Make sure the cleaning company provides a top to bottom vacuuming service so that the property gets clean and shining. You also want to check whether the company has the highest-quality equipment. This will ensure that even the stubborn dirt in the hard-to-reach areas will disappear.

2. Stain removal from carpets, curtains, and upholstery

This is a time-consuming task, so make sure the company includes it in its service list. While vacuuming is an important part of cleaning, it doesn’t remove tough stains. This makes you end up with fresh air in the house but a poor appearance. A top-tier cleaning company is dedicated to making every effort to rid your carpets and upholstery of ugly spots. They use eco-friendly yet powerful cleaning products that leave no chance of any food, pet, or chemical stains.

3. Window cleaning

While they may look ok at first glance, windows are full of greasy spots, fingertips, and other marks. You want them to be crystal clear before the condo passes to the next tenant. If you choose the right cleaning team, they will do their best to polish them up to shining conditions.

4. Floor mopping

End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Condo

Just like carpets and upholstery abound in grime and dust, so does the floor, especially if the foot traffic is intense. The floor’s mopping will remove all dirty stuff from it while also combating the sources of bad odors.

5. Cleaning inside and behind cabinets and appliances

End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Condo

Another important step towards getting a spotlessly clean condo is cleaning inside and behind furniture and appliances. In fact, some cleaning companies may overlook this task, focusing only on cleaning the visible areas. It would do, if forgetting that inside and behind cabinets accumulate a crazy lot of dust, cobwebs, and bacteria.

You want the cleaning team to reach unremarkable areas as well making them remarkably clean. Cheap partial cleaning is good up to the point when the next tenant takes a look behind the wardrobe or TV. That’s why you are better off investing in a team that provides a complete cleaning of all areas.

6. Disinfecting sink, toilet, and bathtub

Disinfecting and cleaning the bathroom may also enhance the value and appeal of the condo. It makes the air more breathable by killing nasty bacteria and allergens. Make sure the company you choose offers this essential service. In this way, you will not have to spend your own time and energy on doing this laborious task.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Condo – Conclusion

End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Condo

To conclude, if you plan on an end-of-tenancy cleaning, choose a company that offers a top to bottom cleaning. Make sure that the team cleans every area of the house, including inside and behind essential items. Also, in most cases, a higher price means higher-quality products and tools. So don’t hesitate to choose a reputable company to ensure the spotless condition of your condo before the next handover.

A cleaner condo will always be more attractive to potential tenants. So be sure to raise the standards of cleanliness to the top to get a good tenancy agreement.

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