Do I Tip Housecleaners / Part-time Maids?

Using part time cleaning services? If you are a working professional or a homemaker who is too busy to do your own household cleaning, engaging part-time housecleaners or maids is a good solution. You can better use your freed-up time to attend to more important matters. These cleaners can be hired from cleaning company based on the required work specifications like scope of cleaning, time and frequency. They are mostly paid on an hourly basis or based on the package customers have selected.

Unlike the service industry (excluding those operations with GST included) where tipping is a common way of acknowledging the staffs’ personal service, the need for tipping is not specified in the financial compensation of services rendered by part-time domestic cleaners or maids. If you do not have a regular house cleaner, or your cleaner does not deliver any exemplary work, you should not feel obliged to give tips to her.

On the other hand, good cleaners will always perform the assigned tasks with great care and pride. They consistently meet customers’ expectation, with some even exceeding what is expected of them. For example, they can be very efficient and complete more work in a timely and organised manner. For others, it may be the professionalism with which they carry out in the course of work, i.e. always punctual, are dependable and have taken little or no time off. Then there are some who display personal touch like showing concern for the well-being of their employers’ family members and dishing out advice to them. 

If your cleaner exhibits one or more of the above-mentioned traits, you will definitely be pleased with her and count yourself lucky to having selected a good cleaner. In such cases, you would be more than glad to dole out some reward to your cleaner, having recognised the outstanding job she has done. If you decide to give tips and if your cleaner is employed by a company, ask whether tips are allowed or discouraged before doing so. You may also choose alternatives like writing a personal note of thanks to your cleaner, or sending a letter of commendation to her company. 

To many low-wage cleaners, receiving tips in monetary form is a more welcomed gesture. It is a financial reward that affirms their diligence and excellent customer service; and which will help them defray some of their expenses like transport or meals. 

If your cleaner has won a long-term commitment from you and has become a “member” of the family, you may even work the extra moneys into her regular pay package either as a form of bonus, commission or increment. 
Incentivised by the gratuity, most cleaners will be motivated to give their best, knowing that their hard work will be recognised and paid off. If the employers are seen to be giving extras, the employees will likewise be willing to go the extra mile. This positive spiral effect bodes well for the morale and well-being of employees as well as bosses’ reputation as a good employer. At the end of the day, it will be a win-win situation where both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

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