Can You Hire a Part-Time Maid to Iron Clothes in Singapore? (5 Mins Read)

Can You Hire a Part-Time Maid to Iron Clothes in Singapore? For many Singaporeans, completing daily household chores like ironing clothes can be difficult because of their work. Believe it or not, Singaporeans are some of the most hardworking employees worldwide.

A study by Workspace Innovation Company concluded that Singaporeans are the most overworked in the Asia Pacific Region. Due to heavy workloads and long working hours, many Singaporeans employ a maid or helper to have a smooth-running household.

Since the late 1960s, full-time helpers have been commonplace in many households in Singapore. However, Singaporeans increasingly prefer part-time maids to do chores like ironing clothes. If you are looking for a part-time maid to iron clothes, here is everything you need to know before hiring.

Can You Hire a Part-Time Maid to Iron Clothes in Singapore?

Can You Hire a Part-Time Maid to Iron Clothes in Singapore?

The short answer is yes. You can hire a part-time maid to iron clothes in Singapore. However, keep in mind that not all part-time maids offer ironing services.

Part-time maids and agencies have different house cleaning packages. While some may include an ironing service in their boxes, some may not. Part-time maids who don’t include ironing services in their packages sometimes ask for extra pay.

So, if you’d like to hire a part-time maid to iron clothes, it is best to tell them beforehand. This will prevent any confusion and inconvenience in the future.

Why Hire a Part-Time Maid to Iron Clothes

Can You Hire a Part-Time Maid to Iron Clothes in Singapore?

Hiring a part-time maid is cheaper than professional clothing ironing services in Singapore. In addition, part-time maids are easy to find and engage with the help of the internet and referrals. They are also known for being reliable and fast to work.

Where to Find a Part-Time Helper to Iron Clothes

With the internet’s help, finding part-time helpers has become more accessible. You can find part-time helpers by posting job advertisements on different job platforms in Singapore. Apart from that, you can directly hire part-time maids through agencies. You may also ask your friends and family for referrals.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Part-Time Maid in Singapore?

The payment for part-time helpers in Singapore mainly depends on their experience or the agency they work for. Some employers may also pay part-time maids according to the country they are from.

Part-time helper services in Singapore are usually charged by the hour. However, some may charge by blocks of three to four hours. Typically, part-time helpers and agencies charge $30 to $38 per hour and about $100 to $115 per block.

Some part-time helpers may offer special monthly rates if you want long-term regular cleaning and ironing services. For instance, they may ask for about $420 – $480 for 4 hours per week every month.

In some cases, ironing services are not part of a part-timer’s job, so you may need to pay extra.

Are Part-Time Helpers Worth It?

The simple answer is yes. Part-time helpers offer the same convenience as full-time helpers at a more cost-effective price. They can help you with household tasks, from cleaning to washing and ironing clothes. They also work fast and often deliver outstanding results to get the best value for your money.

Are Part-Time Helpers Better than Full-Time Helpers?

Can You Hire a Part-Time Maid to Iron Clothes in Singapore?

The truth is it depends. Although the demand for part-time helpers is increasing nowadays, some families may still prefer full-time helpers. Below, we compare full-time and part-time helpers in detail to help you decide which service is better.


When it comes to cost, hiring a part-time helper can be cheaper. As we have tackled above, part-time helpers are hourly employees. You only need to pay them for each hour they have worked. In addition, they do not require you to provide food and lodging.

On the other hand, full-time helpers have a fixed monthly salary of up to $700. You will also have to pay an agency fee between $500 to $2000 if you are hiring a new helper. As an employer, you must pay their insurance and provide their lodging and food.


Full-time helpers work exclusively for you, so you can call them whenever you want. While part-time helpers are easy to contact nowadays, you may have to wait until they are available. Part-time helpers usually work for other households. Hence, you can only ask them to clean after you need them.


Part-time workers only stay in your house for the hours you pay them. This gives you more privacy and freedom. On the contrary, full-time helpers live quietly in your home. If you are not used to having company, this may affect your comfort.


Full-time helpers do not just complete your household chores checklist but also take care of your children. They can also take care of the elderly members of your family and even your pets. Families can save money by hiring one full-time helper in the long run.

Part-time maids offer limited services only. Their job includes vacuuming, wiping floors, tables, and countertops, cleaning the bathroom, and more. They may also do laundry, iron clothes, and clean your fridge with added cost. So, part-time helpers fit the bill if you need someone who regularly irons clothes.


Hiring full-time helpers take much more effort and money than hiring part-time helpers. If you hire a full-time helper directly, you must apply for a work permit. You should also comply with all the other legal requirements. You will have to pay an agency fee if hiring through an agency.

On the other hand, hiring part-time helpers often requires a contract or agreement and fewer legal requirements.

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