Can My Full Time Maid Work As Part Time Maid?

In Singapore a full time maid cannot work as a part time maid. This is strictly prohibited in the Ministry Of Manpower laws in Singapore. The ministry gives out permit for people to work as maids. Under these permits a house employee is either allowed by the law to work under one employer as full time where she can do various duties for a given family according to the written agreement or under a company where the person works on different people on part time basis. The duties that a maid can do involve all the house hold chores such as general cleaning and looking after the young ones. The maid can also help in looking after the elderly in a family if there are any. The Ministry Of Manpower in Singapore has put laws in place which allows smooth running of the maid services in the country. Due to the well structured system of maid services in Singapore there are very many foreign house workers who have moved into the country from the neighboring countries either to get employed as full time maids or part time maids.

Where to find maids in Singapore

In Singapore you can contract companies offering home services. These companies have maids that they have employed. These companies signs contracts with the maids as their full time workers. The Ministry Of Manpower in Singapore licenses these companies by giving them permits. They use these permits to assign different workers to different households which may be requiring the services. These companies will only assign somebody to you after you make a request, you can plan to contract several people for some hours. They will assign such people to your convenience where you will be required to make payments to the companies accordingly.

The advantage of these companies is that they will assign to you someone to help you in your house work in a specific time when you need her. This will greatly enhance your privacy in case you regard the privacy of your home highly. In case you feel uncomfortable with someone whom you have been assigned these companies allow you to make a complain where they will consider replacing the individual in question the next time you require their services. This is highly beneficial as you will avoid the unnecessary quarrel with a domestic worker who will always be present in your home.

You can also hire a full time house worker in Singapore locally. In this case you will make an arrangement with the person interested to work for you .The person has to apply for a permit and is strictly allowed to work for your family under such a permit. The Ministry Of Manpower in Singapore has put measures in place to help solve conflicts arising from such cases. There is a system put in place that can ensure smooth conflict resolution through diplomacy in case of any.

Is there any incidence when your full time maid can work out of your residential area?
Yes there are incidences that the Laws in Singapore allow. This are incidences where the person is on work that is basically of the employing family .For example taking care of the family children who have traveled or the elderly belonging to a family under which the maid is fully employed and it happens that the elderly have traveled and needs her help.

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