All You Need To Know About Cleaning Services Provided By Auntie Cleaner

A clean environment promises to help in living a healthy life wherever you live in this world. Many people, for this reason, try to hire a cleaning company which can keep their place clean and tidy. Auntie cleaners is a cleaning service provider company that offers wide variety of high quality cleaning services to give a healthy environment to each of its clients, at their home as well as workplace. They offer cleaning services not only for residential units but also for commercial establishments by understanding their needs.

Wide range of cleaning services offered by Auntie Cleaner 
Part-time maid service

Auntie Cleaner provide part-time maid to the people with busy work schedule as it is not easy to maintain the cleanliness of a household along with focusing on the job. The busy working people can take care of their home only during the weekends as it is difficult to keep it cleaning daily after returning exhausted from the office as you need rest at that time. The part-time maid service provided by Auntie Cleaner can help you to resolve your problem. Their part-time maids take care of the cleaning of your kitchen, living room and bathroom. 

They will clean your kitchen, scrub floor, clean utensils, clean countertops and sink to give it a healthy environment. In your living room their part-time maid will dust the furniture and sofas in the room and mop it to ensure its cleanliness. They can also keep your toilets and bathrooms clean if you are finding it difficult to maintain their cleanliness yourself. They will clean the bathtub, faucets, tiles and toilet seat in your bathroom to the best of their efforts. Auntie Cleaners ensure to pay attention on your house as per your requirements. The part-time maid provided by this cleaning service will take care of the cleanliness of your home even if you are at your work away from it. 

Carpet cleaning service

The carpet is one of the things that are very problematic for many households all over the world because they are normally extremely subtle. The cleaning professionals of Auntie Cleaner can clean all types of carpets perfectly as they have all the expertise, supplies and equipment required for this purpose. They can also deep clean or steam clean your carpet along with extracting hot water, removing spots and encapsulation cleaning of the carpet, if required. 

Office cleaning service

In order to live a healthy life you will have to keep your workplace as clean as your house. You can surely get clean environment at your work place by hiring office cleaning services of Auntie Cleaner. You can ensure to boost the morale of your workers and increase their productivity by giving a clean environment to your office. The high quality office cleaning service offered by this may company include windows cleaning, carpet cleaning and cleaning of washroom along with other areas requiring such services. They offer one day office cleaning service during the weekends to make it ready for their customers for the next working day. It helps in avoiding the disturbance in the scheduled working of the office.

Laundry pickup service
The cleaning of clothes is another challenging thing for the busy people when it is related to the cleanliness of a household. If you are a working person then it can be very challenging to wash clothes every day as you may have to change clothes several times in a day to keep you look fit and tidy. Auntie Cleaner promises to provide you clean clothes every time you need them without any stress by providing you laundry pick service. They will pick up your dirty clothes from your home to clean and bring them back to you by the end of the day. They try to provide laundry services at the shortest possible time to avoid any inconvenience to their clients. While availing their laundry service you need not worry about tampering or wearing out of your clothes as they will be cleaned and prepared for you by their experienced professionals. In order to provide quality clothes cleaning service the cleaners sort the clothes properly before washing them. 

Spring cleaning service
Spring cleaning is normally carried out during spring and normally it includes deep cleaning of different areas of a household. In this way spring cleaning can also be defined as cleaning a house thoroughly by using enough quantity of water to ensure the cleaning of its each part. As spring service provider the professionals of Auntie Cleaner use enough water as it can dry faster and keep the environment suitable. Because the entire process of spring cleaning involves detailed cleaning, so in most cases it is termed as one time service but the frequency of this service also depend upon the condition and size of the house. Some of the areas and things covered under spring cleaning may include cleaning of upholstery and carpets mostly done through steam cleaning. 

It also includes cleaning of interior and exterior windows, stripping and waxing floor, dusting and wet cleaning of fireplaces, the woodworks including cabinets, door frames, doors, baseboards and window sills are to be washed and washing of air returns and vents. They are also responsible to keep the light fittings clean by using high quality tools and equipment without causing any kind of damage to them. They will also clean the appliances used in and around the house like washing machine, oven, microwave and refrigerator etc. Drainage pipes and ducts around the house are the other areas cleaned by the spring cleaners provided by Auntie Cleaners as part of their basic cleaning services provided to keep your household clean. 

In this way, Auntie Cleaner ensure to provide quality cleaning services at reasonable price to all of their clients. They have employed well trained and experienced cleaning professionals who can handle all types of cleaning services according to the requirement of their clients in a friendly environment.

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