How To Clean Your Window Grille? (Updated)

How to clean your window grille? Homes are naturally invaluable sanctuaries of peace and tranquility from the general hustle and bustle of day-to-day living for virtually everyone. Not only do they facilitate a haven to keep people safe from harsh environmental elements exposure. But they also serve as indispensable areas to recuperate from the rigors of life.

Thus, it is only right that homes are regularly cleaned to maintain their comeliness and continue to serve these invaluable functions. When it comes to home cleaning, many individuals routinely overlook their windows and the many window grille that adorn them.

This shouldn’t be so as these components of all houses play a key role in ensuring proper air circulation. More importantly, it also significantly adds to the aesthetic appeal of any home.

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Like many other parts of the home, a window grille is constantly exposed to harsh environmental elements such as rain, intense sunlight, and dust. Which, if left unchecked, can rapidly mar the appearance of these parts of the window.

Integrating regular window grille cleaning into your home cleaning regimen can be very prudent. This will ensure a comprehensive approach that can make your home the envy of anyone who stumbles into it.

The following are 7 tips on how to clean your window grilles effectively.

Window grilles cleaning
Window grilles cleaning

Efficient brushing of your window grille

Before attempting to do any other cleaning routine on your window grille, removing the dust that might have accumulated on it is often wise. You can accomplish this by gently brushing them, which goes a long way in carrying out this function. It is wise to utilize a brush with soft bristles that cannot graze these indispensable windows parts.

Take your time to wipe off any remaining grime.

After effectively brushing the accumulated dust from your window grille, you can lather it with a relatively mild cleaning agent (a detergent solution is especially suitable). Take time to gently wipe its lattices with a clean cloth, preferably cotton. You should utilize a much stronger cleaning agent if you encounter stubborn grime.

Use a solution of water and vinegar as an alternative to caustic cleaning agents.

Vinegar cleaning
Vinegar cleaning

An excellent alternative to using detrimental cleaning agents that can mar the window grille’s appearance is an equal mixture of water and vinegar. This can be particularly suitable if it hasn’t accumulated a lot of dust. One of the biggest advantages this solution presents over other cleaning agents is that it never leaves unsightly spots and marks on your grilles.

Avoid using abrasives when cleaning your window grille.

One of the most invaluable tips you could ever get when it comes to grille cleaning is, at all costs, avoid using abrasives in any attempt to eliminate stubborn stains or particles. In most cases, even if you apply gentle pressure, abrasive usage will undoubtedly scratch and graze your grilles. This can greatly mar the overall appearance of the entire window.

A good way to tackle such stains is to examine these blemishes’ nature minutely and then try to remove them with suitable materials such as a cotton cloth dabbed in some strong cleaning agent.

Avoid using chemicals when cleaning your window grille.

Most people use chemicals when cleaning window grilles to shorten this task, but this isn’t right. No matter how mild you deem them to be, chemicals can be very dangerous, especially if your window grille is crafted from metals such as iron that are very susceptible to rusting.

Use hot water to remove oily stains from your window grille.

Hot water is an especially excellent cleaning agent when it comes to doing away with oily substances stuck on your window grille. It would help if you soaked a clean cloth in such water and then gently wipe your grilles until you’ve eliminated all stubborn and sticky grime that might have adhered to them.

Use sock gloves instead of clothes.

When cleaning most kinds of window grilles, it can be a good idea to use an old sock, preferably a cotton one, as an alternative to clothes. This is mainly because you won’t have to worry about it slipping away from your hand.

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