7 Crazy(But True) Things About Spring Cleaning

Spring-cleaning is a time when people clean their entire homes. After a long winter of staying inside mostly, many people think it is necessary to completely clean their living spaces. There are many crazy reasons why we have done this for quite some time now. Here are the 7 most insane, but true, things about spring-cleaning.

1. The Chinese were the first ones to start the world tradition of spring-cleaning. This very old tradition comes from their Chinese New Year. People believed that cleaning the home before the New Year could help their get rid of their bad luck the past year. People have taken this seriously for many years. Many of the people believed that this would also bring them incredible fortune in the upcoming year as well.

2. People of the prehistoric era could not possibly understand the reasons behind spring-cleaning until they started producing agriculture. Agriculture marks one of the major points in the human evolution. Shortly after this time, it became and instinct to clean any type of living space before and after the harvesting season. We have been taught to want to spring-clean over many generations.

3. While the men and sons of the families were out working, usually only the women would stay at home and celebrate the cleaning festivities. This happened for thousands of years until men and women have started to become equal in the last 200 years. Now, the entire family can enjoy cleaning up to make their houses fresh and clean.

4. Over the entire world, people deal with the allergy season that comes with the spring. Many people clean their homes for dust and other things that can cause simple allergic reactions. Many people do not know this, but this actually can increase the allergic affect. Those who suffer from allergies spend the entire winter becoming accustomed to the air from inside the house. When you change this, this can greatly increase the way that certain allergies affect certain people. Be careful of this, and make sure to get the adequate allergy medicine required.

5. Spring-cleaning is popular in western culture because of the Jewish tradition of Passover. A long time ago, people of Jewish decent would clean their entire houses to get rid of every little piece of bread that contained the cooking ingredient yeast. This strange tradition comes from when Jews were slaves and could only eat bread without yeast. Many Jewish traditions have become very similar to many other Christian traditions, causing a widespread cause to clean one’s home in the spring.

6. Today it is often considered much easier, and much more affordable to hire someone to clean your home for you, instead of you cleaning it yourself. This family tradition is starting to break after many years of holding it together. Many cleaning services offer very cheap prices to people who want their house fully cleaned during this time. Also, cleaning supplies are not that cheap. For many people that do not “deep” clean their homes regularly, buying all of the necessary supplies to get everything perfect can be really costly. With the easy and accessible access of maid services, spring-cleaning can consist of little time and effort.

7. Spring-cleaning is something that we have done for an extremely long time. Many psychologists are starting to consider the fact that cleaning our living spaces after the winter is something that we do naturally. They suggest that because humans are not exposed too much direct sunlight in the winter, certain chemicals in our body are not produced. This is one reason why people gain weight, or feel tired during the winter. During the springtime, when our bodies start getting exposed to sunlight in high amounts, we begin reproducing the chemical that could give us the energy boost to do something. Logically, one of the best things to do, would be to clean all of the mess that was made the last four months.

Spring-cleaning is one of the many past-times that seem to effect people almost everywhere in the world. These seven crazy facts about spring-cleaning serve as a guide to how and why we spend so much time during these few weeks of spring-cleaning. It is also crucial that people know that it is not a regional tradition either. Whatever the method is, it is important to make sure to have a healthy living environment. Spring-cleaning is something that will continue to be important to our lives for some time to come.

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