6 Spring Cleaning Tips For HDB

As the flowers bloom, the outer surroundings of your house will have a beautiful display, which will be better if the interior of the house is fresh as well. A spring cleaning is a customary practice that lets people freshen their houses and prepare well for the upcoming dry season. Several people prefer the spring cleaning more than any other method and process of cleaning. Others will enjoy when all is done and the your HDB house stays fresh and clean throughout the season. The process of this type of cleaning might not seem so easy as you carry it out. However, you could make it simpler and more enjoyable. Here is a guide on how to manage a spring cleaning for your HDB house. 

1. Divide and Rule
This might seem out of hand, but you must remember that it is a type of cleaning that will involve the entire house. It could be tedious and even impossible if you attempt to clean everything in the house within a day or two. For that, you will need to draft a list of the areas which you intend to clean and specify the items that you want to clean in such areas. By doing this, you will indicate the various sections that you will clean and you will be able to perfectly clean the entire house over the week. This will help to reduce the stress of thinking about where to start. 

2. Consider Safety

You will have to keep in mind that your safety is important during the entire cleaning process. As you clean the house, have a strategy of lifting the goods. When arranging them, place them in a place that they won’t fall or injure anyone. In addition, you should carry them appropriately, if they are extra heavy, you will need to ensure that your back is straight enough. When you are using a ladder, ensure the support is firm enough and the base is well supported.

3. Split the Chores

If you are living more than one in a house, it would be better if you split the work to various people. If you allocate one person to take care of the kitchen, you would start with the bedrooms. Allocating the areas to a partner or other family members reduces the time and effort used in general. 

4. Recycle
In a season that is dry and the flowers are blooming more, it will also be rational if you would be more eco-friendly. Therefore, rather than dumping items, you would have to recycle them for using them somewhere else. Prior to disposing of the waste items, it is recommended to check first and consider if they are re-usable. You might clean some containers and use them for planting flowers, or use some tiny containers for placing tiny items like beads, threads and needles or buttons. 

5. Donate the items that you don’t use

During spring cleaning, it is your time to regain your space, also, you could consider donating some items, which might help save some more space. You might not see the importance of a certain item, so instead, you could donate it and you will be left with enough space. It might be a chair or sofa that you don’t use, and might be too old that it keeps the air stuffed. Such items can be donated to someone else, who might see its importance. 

6. Service the Air cons

A lot of people have a propensity to ignore or forget the air cons when they are cleaning the house. You should ensure that the air conditioner is fully checked and serviced. To do so, it is always recommended to hire a professional who will check the equipment thoroughly and detect if there is any malfunctions. In the event of servicing the air conditioner, all the dust, dirt or anything that is trapped in the air con will be removed, to ensure your house receives clean and fresh air. 

Generally, spring cleaning involves covering every single area of the house and any item that needs and can be cleaned in the house. If it is machinery, ensure a professional has checked it in order to avoid accidents and any risks of shocks or breakdowns. If you have a tight schedule throughout the week, you could also hire a professional spring cleaning company to be sure of a fresh, sparkling clean house.

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