10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2023

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2023. It’s that time of year again-spring is in the air and with it comes the urge to clean and organize our homes! If you’re looking for some tips on how to get your CNY 2023 housecleaning done right, look no further.

Ahead of the Chinese New Year, Asians are rushing to clean up their homes as part of a ritual called “Cleaning Moon”. Most people do this to sweep away any bad luck from their homes.

In this guide, we’ll give you a few helpful pointers on everything from decluttering to deep cleaning, and get started on making your home sparkle! Here’s a look at 10 Spring cleaning tips for CNY 2023 to help you make your home spick and span for the new year ahead:

1. Use a Dry Sponge Instead of a Wet One

Do not reuse water from wiping dust or other substances, as this will spread germs. Ensure that you shake the dustpan well before sweeping into it. For this reason, all debris gets contained. Use paper towels or tissues to wipe surfaces down. Do not use clothes that may have absorbed bacteria from previous uses.

Wipe over switches and light switches with an anti-bacterial spray. Make sure not to use too much detergent during the cleaning process as it may leave a residue on surfaces, which will then be hard to clean off later.

2. Start Early in the Morning

You don’t have to rush while cleaning through the important parts of the house. Set up music or sounds of nature to stimulate concentration and help rid your home of negative energy in the morning. Clean one room at a time, completing minor tasks before moving on to other rooms.

You can work backward so that all is done first to get left until last. You could even consider Spring cleaning tips for CNY 2022 and appoint different family members or helpers for specific tasks. This way, each person is learning how things should get done, creating an impressionable memory.

3. Avoid Wearing Strong-Scented Perfume or Makeup

If you will sweep the floor, do away with makeup and strong-scented perfumes. You don’t want to disperse any germs in your home! Avoid using too much air freshener and ensure that all windows and doors remain open.

The more often one uses skincare products, the higher chance of chemical residue being left behind on surfaces. Ensure that daily essentials such as soap bars and shampoo bottles get cleaned before using them again after a long break.

You should check packaged foods for “best before” dates during this time so you don’t forget about when they expire in the new year ahead. It’s always better to err on side of caution for food safety.

4. Wipe Appliances with an Anti-Bacterial Spray

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2022

Coffee machines, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances may well contain germs that will leave behind an unpleasant odor after use if not cleaned up properly. Excess dust should also get wiped gently away using a dry cloth or duster to avoid scratching the appliance’s surface.

Don’t forget to clean the fridge. Someone should safely store away all food in air-tight containers to avoid contaminants from getting inside when you’re not looking. It’s also a good idea to check expiration dates on milk and other dairy products, as these can go bad if left for too long in the fridges that aren’t used every day.

5. Check for Cracks in Tiles

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2022

You may have cracked tiles in your house that may require repair services before your floor suffers serious damage. Always check light switch covers for signs of wear and tear that could cause problems later down the road. These are inexpensive fixes that can save you time and money in the long run!

Ensure windows are clean inside and out, paying attention to glass panels that may need extra attention. You can use vinegar or lemon juice with hot water to avoid streaks, but some windows may come with directional stripes on certain panels that should get aligned to allow the best possible view of the outside world!

6. If You Have Pets, Clean Their Toys Before New Year

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2022

You don’t want them introducing any germs into your home after cleaning up for Spring! It’s also a good idea to keep different rooms separate to reduce cross-contamination if your pet gets allowed in multiple areas of the house.

7. Wipe All Handrails Thoroughly

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2022

It’s easy for dust and grime to gather here over time, which will only result in back problems later on. Paying attention to detail when cleaning is key, so make sure your handrails are in perfect order before the new year arrives. You can even give them an extra polish with a cloth and metal cleaner to add some shine!

8. Utilize Air Purifiers and Ionizers Sparingly During Spring Cleaning

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2022

Using the best air purifiers and ionizers during spring cleaning can help you avoid dispersing any germs you have already cleaned up. This goes for basic appliances such as lamps and ceiling fans too. It’s a good idea to switch them on twice a day but don’t use them all at once!

If you have a steam cleaner, use it for all your furniture. You can find steam cleaners that allow you to adjust the temperature as needed. This is important as you may not make some furniture from materials that can withstand high temperatures.

Use brushes for better results and ensure surfaces get thoroughly dried before placing any appliances or other sensitive goods on them. This will prevent rusting and stains.

9. Organize Cupboards and Drawers

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2022

If you have drawers and cupboards, remove anything that no longer serves its purpose, or that you did not come across it from earlier clearing-out stages. You may even want to consider investing in custom-built storage units if your cupboards and drawers get overloaded with items that you only use occasionally!

10. Remember to Replace All Essentials You Have Used or Stored Away

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY 2022

You don’t want to find out something important has gone missing once the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Day! Also, remember to run appliances like washing machines and dishwashers during this time as they make use of electricity which may cost more at certain times depending on your supplier.

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