The Top 3 Laundry Companies in Singapore

If you have a busy work schedule and have no time even to wash your clothes then it will be better for you to outsource a laundry service in Singapore. A good laundry company can be a convenient source of getting freshly washed and clean clothes every day before going to your office. The expert professionals at laundry will take care of washing, drying, ironing and folding your clothes in a fast and easy manner. Some of the top laundry companies in Singapore are reviewed here under for your consideration.

Singapore Laundry
Location: Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore , Singapore 417943
Contact:: 6844 0554

Singapore Laundry

Singapore Laundry is the leading laundry company in Singapore because they provide the fastest laundry services, depending upon the type of your clothes. They clean your clothes by using not only water and cleaning agent but also dry cleaning them, according to the type of your clothing fabric. The reasons provided here under can help in justifying its placement in one of the top laundry companies in Singapore.

Experience: Singapore Laundry is in this business for more than ten years. They specialize in washing as well as dry cleaning the clothes as per their quality on the basis of their long experience in this field. They treat every cloth as per the quality of its fabric.

Professionally trained staff: The company has employed all the professionals on the basis of their experience and knowledge in this regard so that they can handle every cloth skillfully. They know how to clean any cloth without damaging it.

Use of right cleaning products: The cleaning agents used by Singapore Laundry are the best in quality and free from chemicals harmful for the clothes. In this way, they not only clean the clothes perfectly but also keep them safe and long lasting.

Easy availability: You can contact them anytime for a pick-up or delivery service of your clothes. They can provide you with properly cleaned clothes whenever you want if you are already in their contact.

Environment-friendly service: Along with cleaning your clothes Singapore Laundry also takes care of the environment by keeping the surroundings clean and pollutant free. They dispose of harmful wastes properly to keep the environment safe.

Reliable and customer friendly staff: Their staff is trained to behave friendly with their customers. They ensure to provide you services as per your requirements. You can rely on their highly trained staff. If you have any problem then you can contact them on phone to get the required service as soon as possible.

Dry Cleaning Singapore
Location: 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, Singapore 567760
Contact: +65 9228 8444

Singapore Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Singapore can be the right choice for you if you are in Singapore and looking for a dependable dry cleaning company. In today’s busy lifestyle everyone wants to get laundry services without wasting even a minute, especially when you do not have time to wash your clothes at home. U can rely on Dry Cleaning Singapore for your laundry related needs due to the following reasons.

Affordable prices: Dry Cleaning Singapore offers its laundry services at a very affordable price without affecting the quality of their services. It helps them in maintaining the existing customers along with attracting prospective customers.

Experience: Being a family business they have experience of many years for working perfectly in this field. Instead of taking their job as a compulsive work they take it as an experience of their life which allows them to learn some new things every day.

Reliability: They know how people are careful and attached to their clothes and for that reason, they clean their clothes as per their quality and type. People can rely on their laundry services as they use right cleaning agents to remove stains without damaging the fabric.

Timely service: They deliver your clothes as agreed earlier as they know about your busy lifestyle and the importance of clean clothes for you in day-to-day life.

High-quality services: In order to provide high-quality laundry services they use right cleaning agents to keep your clothes safe and lasting without disappointing you.

Customer friendly service: They ensure that their customer should feel safe while availing their laundry services. They employ well trained and experienced staff for this purpose.

Wide range of services: Along with washing and dry cleaning clothes Dry Cleaning Singapore also provides services like dry cleaning and washing carpets, ironing clothes as well as pick-up and delivery service of your clean clothes.

@bsolute Laundry

@bsolute Laundry

Many people in Singapore, who want to dry clean their clothes, usually contact @bsolute Laundry for their laundry related needs. The main reason behind this preference is the quality of their on-time services and the use of safe cleaning agents. Other reasons to opt for @bsolute Laundry may include:

Latest technology: The change in technologies during the last few years has changed many things in laundry services also. @bsolute Laundry uses the latest technologies to provide the best laundry services to its customers.

Skilled and trained staff: While hiring professional staff they focus on their training and experience in this industry. They are able to use the right cleaning agent by identifying the type of stain as well as the fabric of the cloth.

Time-saving alternative: If your work schedule in Singapore is very bust then you can avail the services of @bsolute Laundry as they can provide fast and quality laundry services as per your requirement. It will halo you in saving lots of your time and effort.

On time delivery: @bsolute Laundry will not allow you to miss any event in your personal r professional life by delivering your clean clothes and picking up your dirty clothes at right time.

Wide range of cleaning services: There can be several items to clean in the homes that have pets and children as while playing, they usually make many things dirty and messy. While eating food they can make dirty not only their clothes but also the carpets and curtains also. @bsolute Laundry can clean all the upholstery and carpets in your home along with your clothes to keep your home clean and tidy every time.

Thus, if you do not have time to clean your clothes then you can choose any of the laundry services in Singapore to discuss here above.

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We are specialists in: Part Time Maid, Domestic Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Ironing Service, Office Cleaner, Contract Cleaning, House Keeping, Baby Sitting & Laundry Services
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