Some Fengshui Cleaning Myths For CNY 2023

Some Fengshui Cleaning Myths For CNY 2023. Exposing the false knowledge behind some well-believed Fengshui myths for CNY. This one is quite popular. People are always looking for ways to make their homes more clean and tidy or favorable to attract good luck for the coming year.

And it’s no wonder because New Year’s Day is often celebrated with family gatherings and reunion dinners. That justifies spending time at home during Chinese New Year rather than traveling away from home as most people do during the other 11 months.

You would want to spend that time in a comfortable, safe environment with all your loved ones around you. Some people believe that certain aspects of their homes’ external appearance can cause them misfortune, so they hire Fengshui masters to cleanse the Fengshui of their home.

However, it is important not to get carried away and spend a fortune on Fengshui consultations or making changes that aren’t necessary. Here are some Fengshui cleaning myths for the CNY 2022:

Getting rid of your house numbers

People who live in apartment blocks don’t think twice about getting rid of their house numbers when there’s a renovation. They believe that having no house number would prevent misfortune from befalling them.

Of course, this depends on whether or not the new numbers resemble the old ones. If they do, you’re still stuck with bad luck!

Putting up more plants than before

This one may seem harmless, but it could bring more bad luck than good. Why? Many plants are poisonous to some extent or another, so if you have too many in your home, the chances of someone being poisoned by them increase.

Getting rid of your junk / sentimental items

This is tricky because we all want that empty feeling after organizing our homes and getting rid of things we don’t need anymore. However, there’s a limit to how much you should earn rid of.

If you haven’t used something for years and yet somehow managed not to throw them away either, leave them be instead of eradicating them. You can still find those items if you need them again (for sentimental or emergencies).

Moving your furniture around

As much as we all love rearranging the furniture in our homes from time to time, make sure you never neglect certain rules of Fengshui! For example, if a door leads directly to a toilet or kitchen sink, never place something heavy like a huge cabinet right smack in front of it.

This prevents good qi from entering your home because it simultaneously restricts the qi flow to both rooms. If it’s impossible not to have an obstacle blocking this passageway, then at least leave enough space for qi to enter and exit unhindered.

Hiring a Fengshui master to “cleanse” your home

Some Fengshui Cleaning Myths For CNY 2022

It’s one thing for a professional Fengshui master to offer you legitimate advice which you can follow up on yourself. If the Fengshui master is too eager to recommend a fortune-telling session or pricey remedies, you should probably think twice about working with them.

The results of their consultation should be simple and easy enough that anyone can implement them without any difficulties.

Washing Away Your Bad Luck In A Bucket Of Salt Water

Some Fengshui Cleaning Myths For CNY 2022

This old wives’ tale states that if you were born in the year of the Monkey, Snake, Rooster, or Ox, all you have to do is carry a bucket full of salt water to your front door, dump it out and repeat.

While there is logic to dumping saltwater absorbs anything you don’t want, saying something three times is a Taoist ritual involving summoning deities with words to acquire their aid or support.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not Chinese; what’s important is that you be aware of what you’re doing before making any claims about it.

Cleaning CNY Decorations

Some Fengshui Cleaning Myths For CNY 2022

It’s common to see people cleaning and dusting their CNY decorations during the first couple of weeks of the new year. So while we certainly don’t want you missing out on this annual tradition, we also advise that you follow safety procedures by wearing gloves when handling these materials!

When it comes to paper or wooden material made into cookies or lanterns, make sure they are thoroughly dry before disposing of them. Also, never attempt to reuse disposable items like plastic bags because they cannot be reused!

We all know how time-consuming housekeeping can get, especially if you have kids running around your home. If too many strange things are happening around your house (like strange sounds or even injuries), it’s probably not good to clean your place alone.

It’s best to invite some friends or family members to help since you can’t always expect professional cleaners to do the job properly anyway!

It’s the first time cleaning up after CNY in the new year that people are most concerned about… but have you ever considered cleaning your home before celebrations even begin? Why would anyone want to clean their home before setting off all those paper cannons and rocket-shaped firecrackers?


In conclusion, some Fengshui cleaning myths for CNY 2023 aren’t exactly myths. While they might not be strictly accurate, they have some validity.

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