NEA Approved Disinfection Service in Singapore (2023 Guide)

NEA-Approved Disinfection Service in Singapore – Before choosing a disinfection company you should make sure that it is reliable. There are a lot of factors of risk in the disinfection process.

They include weak chemicals that do not kill all pathogens or noxious chemicals that harm human health. It can also be unprofessional technicians that do not disinfect fully the surfaces leaving bacteria on them.

This is why, when choosing a disinfection company you must make sure that it provides high-quality service. How can you do it?

NEA Singapore
NEA Singapore

There are two certain ways to find out how reliable is a company. First, the reviews from previous customers that talk about their experience with that company. If previous customers praise the company, it should be a sign for you to go with it.

The second way is to find out if the company has certifications provided by authorities that prove that it passed quality tests. When it comes to Singapore, the most reputed body issuing quality and safety licenses is NEA.

You should check out this service that is licensed by NEA and is one of the most reputed disinfection services across Singapore. The company complies with all standards of quality bringing complete disinfection to your home.

Advanced equipment and trained technicians are what also add to the reliability and popularity of this NEA- approved service. If you still have doubts, check out the following reasons why you should go with this company.

1. NEA Approved

NEA Approved Disinfection Service in Singapore
  • What is NEA?

National Environment Agency is a reputed state institution in Singapore that ensures that all environmental standards are respected. The agency carries out controls on restaurants, hotels, ships, and public establishments to make sure that no infection risk exists.

Smoking prohibition and pollution control are also among the main missions of the NEA. Equally important for NEA is to guarantee the safety of sanitation services that operate in Singapore.

This is why the National Environment Agency of Singapore runs tests on quality and safety for cleaning companies. The agency pays special attention to disinfection companies that use strong chemicals and sophisticated tools in their work.

  • NEA-licensed means high-quality and safe
NEA-licensed means high-quality and safe
NEA-licensed means high-quality and safe

The fact that this disinfection service has a license of quality from NEA speaks much about its reliability. The company went successfully through all tests to prove that it is safe for customers.

NEA performs an in-detail lab investigation of the cleaning agents that the company uses. As a result of this lab check, all chemicals used by this company proved to be completely safe and efficient. The lab experts concluded that the disinfectants are powerful enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, tests revealed that in spite of their high bacteria-fighting capacity, the chemicals are extremely safe. They do not destroy surfaces and do not change the color of carpets and curtains.

With that said, don’t hesitate to choose this NEA-licensed company to ensure that you destroy safely any infection in your house.

2. Professional cleaning equipment

Professional cleaning equipment
Professional cleaning equipment

The cleaners of this service use last-generation tools for disinfection. They use devices with high-pressure jets that blast the disinfectant onto the surface, killing the bacteria. The high pressure helps destroy the protein membrane of the bacteria making it die immediately.

Moreover, the cleaning crew uses high-precision sprays that target hard-to-reach areas, making sure that not a single germ stays alive in your house. The flexible devices bend under the needed angle to be able to reach complicated areas.

3. Skilled cleaning staff

Skilled cleaning staff
Skilled cleaning staff

Even if the tools are advanced and precise, the people who handle them play also an important role. This is why this disinfection service has highly experienced technicians that are many years in the industry.

They have extensive expertise in the disinfection area, having disinfected lots of public and private properties. Over the years that they worked in this area, they participated in many pieces of training.

During this, they improved their skills and mastered the safety standards for the disinfection job.

NEA Approved Disinfection Service in Singapore – Conclusion

The technicians know very well how to target and destroy harmful pathogens. They take their time to inspect the room and identify the areas that have a higher chance of being a source of contamination.

After that, they proceed with disinfection, treating every tiny corner to ensure that no virus escapes.

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