Efficient Microwave Cleaning Tips You Can Try (Updated)

Looking for microwave cleaning tips? When you make any food in your microwave, then it will get dirty as well. Sometime you get some simple spill and you can clean it easily and sometime things could get dirtier. When things get messy, then you may find it really impossible do the cleaning of your microwave in a proper manner.

In that situation you need some expert microwave cleaning tips to have optimum result with it. Here I am going to share some of the efficient microwave cleaning tips that you can try for its cleaning.

Clean it daily: The first and possibly the most important microwave cleaning tips is that you clean it regularly. I am not suggesting you should do daily deep cleaning of your microwave, but when you use it and you notice something dropped inside it, then you should clean it on the same day. That will make sure you do not get a stain that is tough and it will also make sure you do not get any kind of bad smell in your house.

The only precaution that you need to remember in this step is that you let it cool before starting the cleaning process. If you will try to clean it at the same time, then you may actually burn your hand. Also, when you clean it after drying it, then first you should take a damp towel and you should clean the spill. After that you should take a dry towel and then you should dry it before using it next time.

Lemon microwave cleaning
Lemon microwave cleaning

You can use vinegar for cleaningUse of vinegar is one of the most interesting microwave cleaning tips that you can try for this cleaning. For this process, you should take a glass bowl that is good for microwave use. Now you should fill it half with water and now you should mix one tablespoon of white vinegar in it.

After this you need to put the bowl inside the microwave and you should turn on the heat for 5 minute. If you have high powered microwave, then you may need to use less time for same. So, you should keep on it for the first time and later you can use that time frame. With this step, water and vinegar steams will loosen up the deposition of all the food from microwave walls and it will be easy for you to clean it.

After the boiling time is done, you should take out the water bowl and you should wipe the walls using a paper towel or rug depending on your choice. That is one of the best microwave cleaning tips because it can reduce a lot of your efforts in really simple manner. After that you should take out the glass plate as well and you should wash it like your regular dish, but make sure you do not break the dish else you may need to buy a new one for same.

Dish washing soap clean microwave
Dish washing soap clean microwave

Use Lemon for its cleaning: Use of lemon is also known as very popular microwave cleaning tips and you can try that as well. You can cut a big size lemon in half and you can put both the half’s in the microwave plate. After that pour a tablespoon of water in the plate and turn it one for one minute or for 45 second. You need to do it only till you get a steamy situation inside your microwave.

This steam mixed with lemon juice will also do the same thing that you noticed in previous step. If you want you can rub the lemon pieces on the wall of your microwave and then you can use a paper towel to rub the wall or you can directly use a towel to clean the wall. After you are done with the cleaning of walls of your microwave, you should take a damp cloth as well and you should rub the walls with it. After that you should take a dry towel and you should dry the microwave walls before using it again.

Use Dish-washing soap: If we talk about the popular and trustworthy microwave cleaning tips, then many people trust on the dish-washing soap method as well. They believe this is one of the best and highly effective microwave cleaning tips and they have its reason as well. Just like the previous two method, you need to use steam in this method as well. First you should take a microwave safe bowl, now add dish-washing soap in it and now put in inside the microwave.

Now let it heat till you get a lot of steam inside your microwave. This steam will loosen up the stains or deposits on the wall and you will and you will be able to have a better cleaning in really smart manner. After you see a lot of steam, then you need to take out the bowl and you need to use a sponge to clean the walls. You should gradually clean the walls in a circular scrubbing motion.

If you notice some bad smell in your microwave, then you should add some baking soda as well in the water and soap solution before putting it on heat. After you are done with the cleaning using a sponge, then you should take a fresh and dry towel and you should clean it properly.

Microwave cleaning in progress
Microwave cleaning in progress

When you try these microwave cleaning tips, then then it is really important that you pay minute attention on the safety part as well. If you will not pay minute attention on the safety part, then you will end up having a lot of trouble. So, once heat work is completed make sure you unplug the power supply from the electric board.

Also, while dealing with hot microwave, make sure you are using some good quality gloves to avoid any kind of injury. And when you do it with protection, then also you need to be careful that you do not touch hot areas directly else that may burn you and you may need to see your doctor for those problems or trouble’s.

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