How to Keep Fingerprints Off Glass?

How to Keep Fingerprints Off Glass? Having beautiful glass windows will make your home look great. However, when closing and opening windows or adjusting curtains, fingerprints can be left on the windows. If you have pets or children who like to stick their faces on the glass, this could also stain your windows.

If you’ve tried cleaning the glass to remove these fingerprints and they’re still there, then in this article we’ll discuss some helpful tips on how to clean fingerprint stains off the glass.

Never Clean Glass with Paper Towel

When you use paper towels to clean glass windows, it makes the windows look worse. This seems like an obvious way to clean glass surfaces for fingerprints, but using them to clean glass windows sucks. This is because paper towels are usually shed off when wet. They leave small pieces of paper on the glass surface, as well as debris and lint.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Rather than using a paper towel, use a microfiber fabric cloth to clean the glass surfaces. A cotton cloth is also perfect for the job. A soft, dry, and a clean microfiber cloth will work perfectly to remove those smudges and fingerprints.

Wipe the window glass using a dry microfiber fabric cloth to take care of smudges, debris, dust, and fingerprints. These lint-free cloths will easily soak up moisture without leaving behind any residue.

Plus, you can use them over and over again. Be sure not to rub too hard; microfiber can scratch up a glass if you’re not careful.

Use DIY Window Cleaner or A Degreaser

How to Keep Fingerprints Off Glass?

Another great option is to use regular degreaser liquid or using hot tap water mixed with drops of dish soap. Remember, human hands usually have natural oils and Fingerprints appear on glass windows since the oil is transferred to the windows in the shape of fingertips and fingers.

With that, cleaning those fingerprints using plain water cannot get rid of them.

You require to use cleaning products that are designed to get rid of oil and grease. You can mix dish soap or a little de-greasing liquid with water. Dip your microfiber cloth into the mixture and use it to wipe off the handprints and smudges. It is one of the best ways to clean fingerprints on window glasses.

Use a Squeegee

A squeegee is an easy-to-use and versatile tool that you use only one hand to clean the windows. It is essential to have different sizes of squeegees whenever you have different types of windows.

Normally, squeegee assists to remove any leftover streaking or smudging after you clean the dirt.

After using a microfiber cloth to wash the window, you can squeegee it to give the window a streak-free shine and it will allow sufficient light to enter through the window.

Clean in the Shade

If you are a busy parent, cleaning need to be effective and quick. If you do not want to clean glasses more than once. Then make sure that you do not clean them in direct sunlight. This is because the sun can dry the glass surface too quickly and will leave behind more streaks that you need to address once again.

Remove Fingerprints from Auto Glass

In cold weather, your child may use their breath to fog the car window and draw some patterns on the car window. This will turn your windows with some fingerprint mess. To clean the auto glass, get automotive glass cleaner deep some microfiber cloth on it.

Use the microfiber cloth to clean the Auto Glass and it will absorb oily fingerprints without leaving streaks or lint. You can likewise spay the cleaner liberally on the auto glass and then wipe away using the cloth.

Remove Fingerprints from TV and Computer Screens

Most monitors and TVs have LED screens. Your kids can touch the screen with their dry fingers leaving some fingerprint stains on them.

The best way to clean your screen is by using pre-moistened electronic screen wipes or simply spray a small amount of window cleaner and clean, and dry using a microfiber cloth. Whichever method you select, rub the greasy area in a circular motion to get rid of fingerprints without damaging the screen.

Remove Fingerprints from Eyeglasses

How to Keep Fingerprints Off Glass?

If you unknowingly grab your eyeglasses with dirty hands and become smudged, most people use the corner of your shirt to clean the eyeglasses.

This is not the right way to clean eyeglasses since it could scratch the lenses with dirt and dust. The best way to clean the eyeglasses’ fingerprints is clean them with kitchen soap and rinse them using warm water. After that, use soft, clean microfiber or cotton cloth to avoid scratching the lenses.

Annual Professional Cleaning

How to Keep Fingerprints Off Glass?

It is wise to get your windows cleaned by a professional once per year. You can have them cleaned during springtime and your windows will appear great for the warm season. Professional cleaners will ensure that your glasses are cleaned from top to bottom and it will be straightforward to handle any fingerprints.

Once cleaned, professional cleaners can treat the windows with a special coating that will prevent fingerprints and smudging in the future, hence keeping your windows looking clean all year round.

A Professional Will Inspect Window Damage

Common window issues include pitting, cracking, chipping, or other damage. Professional cleaners will ensure that your windows and window frames are in good shape. If there is any sign of damage, signs of mold, or other issues that require attention, they will let you know.

With that, you can protect your windows from damage and protect your family members from potential hazards. Changing windows is time-consuming and expensive. But getting them cleaned once per year and examination together with DIY cleaning, will assist to keep your home glass windows in good shape.

How to Keep Fingerprints Off Glass? – Conclusion

How to Keep Fingerprints Off Glass?

Keeping your glass looking clean, shiny, and fingerprint-free is easier than you think. With these simple tips, you’ll never have to worry about those nasty smudges again.

Whether you’re a neat freak or just trying to impress guests with a sparkling kitchen countertop, there are plenty of ways to keep your glass clean and fingerprint-free. We hope you’ve found these tips helpful.

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