How To Disinfect Office Chairs

How To Disinfect Office Chairs? Singapore is an industrial city with a metropolitan population of 5.9 million inhabitants, and as such a high number of office chairs are in use by the public. In Singapore, it is normal for office workers to spend most of their working hours sitting and fidgeting in their office chairs.

While an office chair can be beneficial to a person’s health, it can pose some adverse effects if not properly maintained. The solution to preventing these adverse effects is by implementing a simple office chair hygiene maintenance routine called “office chair disinsecting”.

The procedure to disinfect an office chair is quite simple and easy.

The following are tips must be followed to Disinfect Office Chairs in Singapore

1. Wear Gloves
How To Disinfect Office Chairs

Before getting started with the disinfecting process, make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands from any splashes of disinfectant.

Disinfectant contains bleach and can cause burn on the skin if accidentally splashed. Gloves also prevent the disinfectant from absorbing into your hands and also avoid any unhygienic situations when you take off the gloves.

2. Wear a Mask

A mask is recommended to cover the nose and mouth while disinfecting an office chair because fumes from the disinfectant may irritate these areas. A mask prevents inhalation of these fumes during the process, thus preventing irritation or allergies to arise from repeated use of bleach in a short period.

3. Wear Safety Goggles and Wear Clothes that Cover Elbow

Safety goggles prevent any splashes of bleach from entering the eyes. In addition, wearing a long-sleeved shirt can protect elbows from any accidental splashes of bleach.

4. Avoid the Use of Bleach on Clear Plastic Surfaces, Leather, and Fabric Surfaces that Are Coloured

Bleach can be damaging to clear plastic surfaces by breaking down their protective coating and will also cause damage to leather, fabric surfaces that are colored with dyes, and fabrics with metallic thread because they do not have a protective layer against bleach.

Instead, these surfaces should be cleaned using a mild detergent mixed with water.

5. Prepare a Bleach Solution
How To Disinfect Office Chairs

Bleach can be purchased at any hardware or drug store. In addition, some commercial disinfectants are also available for sale at supermarkets and convenience stores. Before getting started with the disinfecting process, prepare a bleach solution by mixing 2 tablespoons of bleach with 1 cup of water.

A solution that has a high volume of bleach can cause splashes and create an uncomfortable situation while cleaning an office chair.

6. Perform Disinfecting Process in Open Areas

Do not perform the disinfecting process inside an enclosed room; instead, perform it in open areas so fumes from the bleach do not linger in the room after the process is done and so fumes will not cause irritation to people within that room.

Also, bleach fumes mustn’t get into an enclosed room because they might damage furniture or other items.

7. Do not Leave Disinfected Office Chairs in an Unoccupied Room

It is important to avoid leaving disinfected office chairs in an unoccupied room. Instead, move the chairs away from the office for at least 3 hours after disinfecting before leaving them in their final placements.

It is also recommended to leave the chairs away from the office for a week or two after disinfecting depending on usage and type of chair.

8. Clean Regularly

It is recommended to clean regularly, especially during periods when items are not being used. Clean regularly and store non-disinfected office items away from chairs for at least 3 hours so that the chair does not become stale and becomes an ideal breeding ground for insects.

9. Keep Items in Disinfected Office Anything Away from Chairs

When cleaning items, do not keep them in a room that was previously used to clean disinfected office chairs. Instead, keep them in another room or carry them to another location before bringing them to the office. Making this practice when cleaning will prevent any infection from spreading.

10. Use the Same Cleaning Method for All Chairs in the Office

It is recommended to use the same cleaning method to clean all chairs in an office. However, a different cleaning method should be used for different types of chairs because a different technique should be used to clean hall, couch, and office seats.

The disinfecting process can cause staining on some colors of offices and it will take more time to thoroughly clean hardwood, bolt-resistant wooden, leather, and fabric seats.

11. Move Chairs to Clean It Before Disinfecting
How To Disinfect Office Chairs

It is recommended to move chairs that are not being used for at least 3 hours after disinfecting so that the dust does not dry up and becomes an ideal breeding ground for insects. Also, moving chairs away from the office will prevent any infection from spreading.

12. Disinfect Office Chairs in the Morning or Night-Time

It is recommended to disinfect office chairs during a time when most workers will be available because they will then be more willing to perform this maintenance routine on their office chairs.

Also, it is recommended to use a detergent and water solution to clean offices in the evening when some people are still around so that it may be easier for them to perform this task.

13. Follow the Disinfecting Process Properly

To properly disinfect an office chair, it is important to know the steps and instructions on how to perform this maintenance routine. However, it is recommended to perform this process 1–2 times per week.

Also, be sure that all objects that have been recently cleaned have a clean disinfectant solution applied to them before they are placed back in the offices.

Furthermore, check the disinfectant solution regularly so that it does not dry up and become an ideal breeding ground for insects. This way you can ensure that your office chairs are kept spotlessly clean without any infection spreading from one chair to another.

How To Disinfect Office Chairs – Conclusion

Disinfecting an office chair is just a simple yet effective procedure that helps prevent any harmful effects caused by insects in an office. To do this effectively, make sure that you follow all tips provided above and prepare your disinfectant. For more information about disinfecting office chairs.

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