How to Clean Your Dirty Rug In 5 Steps (Updated)

How to clean your dirty rug in 5 steps? Cleaning your dirty rug at home can be a risky affair particularly if you are not sure about what you are doing. This is why residents of Singapore are advised to hire professionals for this task since the experts do it perfectly without causing any damage to your rug.

Remember, rugs are an investment; for this reason, they should be treated with care. However, if you want to learn how to clean your dirty rug at home, below are 5 simple steps you might want to follow to ensure all the dirt on your rug is completely removed. 

Step 1: Remove Dirt- 

Removing carpet dirt
Removing carpet dirt

– To get rid of dirt, vacuum the rug on the top, then flip it upside down and clean the lower side as well. This procedure should be done routinely at least once every month to reduce dirt that collects deep inside the fiber of the rug. 

– Rugs tend to trap dirt in the fiber, and this creates a sandpaper effect when walked on. Consequently, you need to begin the cleaning process by properly vacuuming the top and the bottom of the rug. 

– If your rug has some fringes along the edge, then vacuuming them is not advisable. Cleaning over fringes causes stress to the bristles of the vacuum, which will, in turn, ruin the fibers of your rug. In the worst-case scenario, the fibers can even break free. So, tuck fringes below the carpet before you do any vacuuming. 

Step 2: Dusting- 

Removing dust from carpet or rug
Removing dust from carpet or rug

– Place the rug somewhere outside in such a manner that it is lying vertically, after which you can use the handle of a broom or even a stick to gently beat your rug to shake off dust or dirt that may be present in the fibers. 

– The action of beating the rug with a broom produces lots of dust; therefore, you need to prepare yourself sufficiently in advance.

 – After removing all dirt and dust from the carpet, vacuum once again to remove dust that came to the surface. 

Step 3: Wet And Clean The Rug- 

– Take your rug to a clean spot and place it in such a manner that the underneath faces upwards.

 – You can then proceed to soak your rug using cold water, but make sure the water flows toward the pile. As you do so, ensure the water is spread out evenly. 

Step 4: Shampoo- 

Carpet shampooing
Carpet shampooing

– Add two spoons of liquid detergent into a 3-gallon bucket of water and mix it up until it becomes foamy. However, if you want, you can add more of the liquid detergent as required. Before shampooing the entire rug, consider testing the solution on a small area first. 

– Proceed by pouring the mixture on the rug as you agitate with a brush. Remember not to scrub too hard because this might only destroy the fibers. Scrub back and forth and create more of the detergent mixture if you need more of it.

– Once you are guaranteed the rug is clean, you can rinse it meticulously to ensure no detergent is left on the surface. – You may need to agitate fibers with some soft bristle brush, especially if you want all suds to come off. Proceed by turning over the rug and repeat Step 4. 

– However, this time you will only need to work the brush while following the pile of the rug. Also, avoid moving back and forth. Just follow the direction of the collection. After all, suds are removed, you can start drying the carpet. 

Step 5: The Drying Process Once-

– You are sure you have removed all suds from the rug, squeezing excess water in the carpet. After pressing the excess water from the carpet, place several towels on your carpet then walk in all directions to absorb the dampness even further.

– After removing all the wetness, you can take the rug back indoors and hang it somewhere to dry. This should preferably be done in a way that the carpet is not touching the ground because both sides are supposed to air adequately for the drying process to happen faster.

 – Fans can also be used to dry the rug faster. However, do not use any heating lamps as these make the rug wavy after it is completely dried up. – Once completely dry, the rug can be re-vacuumed to straighten the stiffened sections of the rug. Follow these simple cleaning procedures on how to clean your dirty rug, and your rug will be spotless.

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Carpet cleaning infographic
Carpet cleaning infographic
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