How to Clean Mirror the Right Way?

How to Clean Mirror the Right Way? Mirrors in your house are important not because they increase the beauty of the room, but you can see and cherish your beauty. Like any other parts of your house mirrors tend to catch dust and water spots on them.

It’s crucial to clean them before you no longer get to see your face on them.

There are few methods to clean your household mirrors. Such as with vinegar, cornflour and water mix, and so on. You can also hire a professional to clean the mirrors and glass surfaces of your house or workplace. Let’s explore – How to Clean Mirror the Right Way?

Check the condition of the mirror

How to Clean Mirror the Right Way

Mirrors can have different types of stains on them. So before you start with the cleaning material, check the type of stain it has. If there is a calcium deposit, it will be white, a bit rough, and a textured spot. You can remove this easily with vinegar and a damp cloth.

If there is limescale, which is tough to remove, you can wipe the mirror clean with lime juice, pickling vinegar.

Gather the cleaning material

For proper mirror cleaning, you have to gather the cleaning material first. This is important because when you start the task, you won’t have to run around the house to find the required things. You need cleaning materials like regular rags, paper towels, or a microfiber cloth.

You need a water bucket, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, water, and cornflour. After identifying the type of stain, it will be easy to gather the cleaning material accordingly.

Mix the cleaner solution

You have the ingredients with you now, you have to mix the items to make a solution. You have to dilute one part of vinegar with every four sections of water in the bucket. So for every cup of solution, you need one cup of white vinegar.

You can contain this in a spray bottle so that you can mist the mirror surface and wipe it easily. Use distilled fluid instead of tap water if your household has hard water. This will prevent the storing of minerals on the glass surface.

Pre-treat thick build-up

How to Clean Mirror the Right Way

If the mirror surface has a thick buildup of materials, you need to pre-treat with rubbing alcohol. As this ingredient evaporates quickly, you have to do this task fast. This will soften the spot and later you can clean it with vinegar mixed water.

Cleaning the mirror

Now you can start the cleaning part. You have to wet the cleaning rag with water from the bucket. However, you only have to dampen the cloth not soak it with water. Make sure to add white vinegar before you use the water.

Top to the bottom pattern

Once you have wet the cloth, it’s time to use the pattern from top to bottom. Try not to use the zig-zag method, it can leave watermarks on the surface. You can remember how commercial glass cleaners clean glass surfaces. They clean it in the top to the bottom pattern, you have to do the same. Also, never try the circular motion, it will also leave spots.

Change your viewing angle

To see if the mirror has been cleaned properly, you have to change your viewing angle. Look at the mirror from left and right, if there are any spots left. You can use a microfiber cloth to remove the left-out stains.

Different cleaning material used for mirrors

How to Clean Mirror the Right Way

There are different cleaning materials used to clean mirrors. Such as,

  • Face tonic: This is the solution you use to clean the pores on your face. But you can use it on mirrors too. You can pour a bit on a cotton pad and dab on the spot on the mirror. After that wipe it down with a regular cloth.
  • Toothpaste: This is an unusual agent to clean mirrors, but it will give better cleaning. Take a cloth and squeeze some toothpaste into it. After that apply it to the stain. If it’s a hard spot, you have to wait 15 to 30 minutes and then with it off with a damp cloth. If you do not have cleaning alcohol at home, toothpaste can give you the best solution.
  • Lemon juice: Lemon and lime juice is highly effective on different types of mirror stains. You have to apply the juice over the spots and then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

How to Clean Mirror the Right Way? – Conclusion

How to Clean Mirror the Right Way

Other materials like white vinegar, newspaper, and chlorine solution for mirror cleaning. You just have to gather the cleaning supplies while you are at the task. It will also be best to hire a professional cleaning service for a proper cleaning result.

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